Thursday, March 5, 2015

One Year Later & We Are Still Kicking!

One Year Later & We Are Still Kicking!

It has been just over a year ago that I started this blog and have had some great adventures in the woods sharing skills, tips and tricks with you as we went along. It has been my pleasure to share these things with all of you and I look forward to many more years. You may want to start at the bottom of the post and work you way back up as I believe the posts got better as the year went on. With that I would like to take this time to look back on a few of my favorite posts of the last year.
1) WV SAR Pathfinder Course W/ Dave Canterbury and The Pathfinder School (LINK- HERE)
2) Simple Alcohol Stove Design (LINK-HERE)
3) Micro 10 C's Kit (LINK-HERE)
4) SOL Shelter Systems Equipment Review (LINK-HERE)
5) Escape & Evade Kit (LINK-HERE)
6) Swedish Torch (LINK-HERE)
7) Yellowstone National Park Trip (LINK-HERE) **You have to see these pictures if you haven't yet!**
8) How to Make Pine Needle Tea (LINK-HERE)
9) One Stick Fire Challenge (LINK-HERE)
10) Badlands National Park Trip (LINK-HERE)
11) Backpack Fishing Kit (LINK-HERE)
12) Solar Ignition Fire (LINK-HERE)
13) Preparing For The Next Fire- Making Char Cloth (LINK-HERE)
14) Stone Boiling In A Plastic Container (LINK-HERE)
15) Dragon Ball Fire Starter (LINK-HERE)
16) EDC Bag Overview (LINK-HERE)
17)How to Test A Plat To Determine If It Is Edible (LINK-HERE)
18) Camp Chair Hammock (LINK-HERE)
19)  Queen Ann's Lace: Daucus Carota (LINK-HERE)
20) Bushcraft Chair (LINK-HERE)

21) DIY Tripod Water Filter (LINK-HERE)
22) Baking Over A Campfire (LINK-HERE)
23) DIY Water Bottle Filter (LINK-HERE)
24) Gorilla Tape Tinder Bundle (LINK-HERE)
25) Stripping & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron (LINK-HERE)
26) Rotating/Adjustable Pot Hanger (LINK-HERE

27) Wild Edible Red Clover (LINK HERE)
28) Survival Shotgun (H&R 12 Ga.)-Initial Modification (LINK-HERE)
29) Space Blanket Shelter (LINK-HERE)
30) Camp Fire vs. Survival Fire vs. Cooking Fire (LINK-HERE)
31) Debris Survival Shelter Construction (LINK-HERE)
32) Ebola- What You Need To Know & Steps You Can Take To Prevent Exposure (LINK-HERE)
33) What To Look For In A Survival Knife (LINK-HERE)
34) Building A Fire In Wet Conditions (LINK-HERE)
35) Dakota Fire Pit (LINK-HERE)
36) Survival Resources 4x Fresnel Magnifier Testing (LINK-HERE)
37) Pioneer Pumpkin Pie (LINK-HERE)
36) Snowpocalypse 2014 Lessons Learned (LINK-HERE)

37) Easiest DIY Knife Sharpening Technique (LINK-HERE)

38) Modified Diamond Tarp Shelter (LINK-HERE)
39) Traditional Flint/Steel Fire Starting Method (LINK-HERE)
40) Evolution Of My Pocket Fire Kit (LINK-HERE)
41) Rope Skills-Whipping and Braided & Twisted Rope (LINK-HERE)
42) 10 C's Haversack For Hunting Season  (LINK-HERE)
43) Habilis Bush Tool Knife Review (LINK-HERE)

44) Best Bushcraft & Preparedness Articles of 2014 (LINK-HERE)
45) $100 Kit Challenge (LINK-HERE)
46) Seven Eastern Woodland Trees Essential To Survival (LINK-HERE)
47) EDC Pocket Dump (LINK-HERE)
48) Bushcraft USA- Bush Class Basic Reflection (LINK-HERE)
49) Fat Wood Fire (LINK-HERE)

50) DIY Hobo Stove (LINK-HERE)
51) 20 DIY Knife Sharpening Techniques (LINK-HERE)
52) Eastern Woodlands Winter Wild Edible Collection (LINK-HERE)
53) Split Wood Fires- Using You Knife As A Spoke Shave (LINK-HERE)
54) Cattail Fluff Used As Flash Tender (LINK-HERE)
55) Restoring, Hafting and Sharpening an Axe (LINK-HERE)

Have something outdoor/bushcraft/trapping/preparedness/hiking/camping/fishing/hunting related you want me to make a post about? Leave me a comment and I will see what I can do! As always feel free to leave your questions and comment below! Also if you enjoy the blog please vote for us on the following websites to help us reach a wider audience:
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Want to try a project like this for yourself or possibly purchase a ready made axe? Here are a few links to get you started down that path, good luck with your adventure and feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

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