Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Simple Alcohol Stove Design

Simple Alcohol Stove Design:
1)      Obtain an empty aluminum can of any type
2)      Cut the top of the can out using the outermost crease in the can as pictured below

3)      Cut the can approximately 3-4” from the bottom (depends on your preference as to how compact you want the stove vs. how much fuel you want the stove to hold).

4)       Cut the can so that the top is approximately  1” taller than the bottom

5)      Use the file on a Leatherman tool or the back of a fixed blade knife to press down on the top rib of the can indenting the can in between your fingers every ½” as pictured below
6)      Puncture two vent holes in the aluminum can on opposite sides with the punch from a Leatherman (smaller is better)
7)      Place top portion of the aluminum can into the bottom

8)      Fill with alcohol higher alcohol percentage is better (HEET is one of the best fluids to use in a stove of this type)

9)      Move alcohol around in the can so it gets close to the top (you are trying to increase the amount of fumes given off and trying to get the alcohol to splash the top rim of the can without spilling)

10)   Place can on a flat non-flammable surface

11)   Light stove near the top of the stove using a lighter or my preferred method a ferro rod (helps prevent spilling the alcohol and decreases the chance of burns)

12)   End product should look like this:

13)   Here is a video of the above alcohol stove in use:

14)   Here is an alternative method of building an alcohol stove:

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