Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FirePad Stove

When thinking about a potential rapid warming stove for cooking or treatment of hypothermia I came up with this simple system that will fit into an Altoids tin to accompany a regular fire kit. To make this pocket stove I simply soaked square 100% cotton makeup removers in a camp fuel/kerosene mixture for 24 hours. I then placed some cotton wicks in the Altoids tin and continued to stuff my FirePad fire starters into the tin and soaked in paraffin wax and allowed it to dry for several hours. I plan to place several other posts about this stove and its evolution. I also plan to focus more on the FirePad when I dig deeper into my fire kit. Initial burn tests lasted over 2 hour, most of which with a substantial amount of flame (I plan on doing a time lapse video in the next few weeks).

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