Monday, July 28, 2014

Outdoor Cooking: Baking Over a Camp Fire

Outdoor Cooking: Baking Over a Camp Fire & Review of Martha White Corn Bread
This weekend I went a little hog wild on the outdoor cooking front, so if you can hang in there with me this week we will explore this area a little bit deeper for the week. I have been wanting to test out my EDC kit for baking for awhile now and decided to empty out the old bush pot and give Martha White Cotton Country Buttermilk Cornbread. For those wondering what I have in my EDC that can be used to bake bread: 1) My Large Fire Kit (LINK) which is the smaller fry kit from Survival Resources (LINK) and, 2) a large tomato juice can with lid cut so it can be placed back on from my EDC bottle bag (LINK).
1) So if you are looking for a cornbread that is "just add water" ready this was about the only company I could find  with that description.... but the search continues.
2) Instructions are basically grease the pan add mix, add water, mix well bake until golden brown. 

3) For greasing containers I usually keep a straw filled with extra virgin olive oil; however, they are in need of refilling so I had to make a quick stop to get a new bottle. Simply put several drops on the bottom then take a rag (I just so happen to have a large hunk of cotton that always stays in my fire kit for char cloth) and spread the grease evenly.

4) Measure out the correct amount of water into your mixing container
5) Mix in the contents of the Cornbread package
6) Pour your well mixed batter into your baking container
7) Place your backing container inside your selected "oven" (i.e. tomato juice can), notice there are only four points of contact with the oven and the remainder will be air space which allows for a more consistent cooking.
8) Replace the lid on your "oven"
9) Place oven in the coals assuring that it is not able to roll and will stay in place while cooking.
10) Open your stove after 15 minutes t check the progress an if golden brown remove from heat.

11) Your finished product should look somewhat like this and be ready to eat.
12) Finished product! I was a little disappointed in the taste as I was expecting traditional cornbread; however, this product tasted like a cross between white bread and corn bread. While the taste was a little off it was still a piece of fresh bread in the woods... beggars can't be choosers I suppose... Also when mixed in with a little chilli it made quite a great meal!

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  1. Mixed with Chili, That actually sounds pretty good!!