Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bushcraft Chair

Bushcraft Chair:
For alternative Chair Method (Click HERE)
The second style of camp chair I made in my quest for the ultimate camp chair is a simple "V" frame design that utilizes all natural materials (aside from cordage). To build this chair you need to find one tree with a large "V," another stick with a fork in it and two stabilizing sticks.
1) The initial step is to place the "V" shaped stick upside down supported by the forked stick then cut it off as close to the forward stick as you can (this helps with the comfort of the chair).
2) Secure the top of the chair with a standard "X" wrap
3) Then secure the side supports to the front and rear utilizing the same wrap, be sure to leave enough of the stabilizing bars hanging off the front to hold the limbs which will act as your chair.
 4) Place your selected sticks onto the side braces to form the seat of your chair.
 5) The hammock chair (LINK) next to the traditional camp chair, notice the seat for both chairs is at about the same level.
6) This chair is also capable of handling a similar load to that of the hammock chair (LINK)
7) The chair being put to use on the 4th!

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