Monday, June 23, 2014

Dragon Ball Fire Starter

Dragon Ball Fire Starter
A new take on an old favorite fire starter the waxy ball. Tonight I added a little fuel to the mix before dipping in wax and came up with what I dub the Dragon Ball Fire Starter! Anyway here are a few pictures of it in action along with a quick burn time video. I will have them on the newly created web store in a few days but they are fairly easy to make: 1) soak in your choice of fuel over night until nearly all liquid has evaporated, 2) Melt wax, 3) Dip in wax, 4) Ring it out and let it solidify, 5) redip in way and make sure it has a smooth and compact surface.
1) Picture of the fire starter in its compact state (I squeeze the fire starter into as compact of a package as I can so it will fit better in my fire kits).

2) A bacho laplander or multi-tool saw is great for splitting the fire starter in half or fourths

3) Shown above is the fire starter being filet out into fourths
4) Two fire starters ready to start a fire (you only need one but I wanted to cook quickly and had really wet wood so I utilized two for this fire)
5) Fire starter lit with a 6" ferro rod and the fire after about two minutes of working its magic!
6) Burn time video for the fire starter.


  1. I believe that makes a better fire than my dryer lint or cotton balls soaked in wax in an egg carton using one egg cup per fire .

  2. Step #1says "soak in your choice of fuel over night" but you didn't say what it is you're soaking. Is it a cotton ball?

  3. Sorry about that. Yes, it is a cotton ball.