Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Micro 10 C's Kit

Micro 10 C's Kit:

This is my backup 10 C's of survivability kit which finds its home inside the exterior pocket of the Pathfinder water bottle bag (not pictured, expect another post covering this item). This kit is a triple redundant set of the 10 C's within my bushcraft kit and is viewed as a last option in case of multiple failures or loss of other equipment. You will notice these items are newer looking and don't see a lot of use as many of them are truly one time use items or reserved as just a fallback plan. I do have multiple of each of these item and try to keep the newer ones in this kit.

 Pictured above is the kit as it sits in my Pathfinder water bottle cook set bag. Note that two ranger bands are usually used to hold this kit together however they were broken a few days ago and are in need of replacement.
 The above picture shows the initial opening of the kit which contains the altoids PSK, survival blanket, gorilla tape and a survival resources water bag.
 Above is the survival resources water bag with 32 oz fill line for use with water purification tablets.
 The above picture shows the initial opening of the Altoids PSK and its layout which leaves little room for expansion of the kit.
 The above picture shows the contents of the Altoids lid which include a 4x fire starting magnification lens, two pieces of aluminum foil one high carbon sterile surgical blade and a dosimeter. 
The above picture is a layout of the Altoids PSK contents: 4 water purification tablets, leatherman micro, Survival resources saw, 25' twine, wire saw, small flashlight, striker, mini Bic lighter, magnesium block with ferro rod, whistle, pencil, fishing leader line, button compass, 100' of spiderwire, small fishing kit, two tinder quick and one large fishing hook. 
The above video is a complete overview of the kit and goes into detail as to how each item fits into the 10 C's of Survivability.

Please let me know what you think and if you can think of any additional "mico" items which may find a place in this kit!

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