Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pocket Fire Kit

This is just a quick overview of the pocket fire kit I have been using the last few years with a high rate of success. You will probably notice three key items are missing my 9v battery (getting replaced tonight cold weather killed it) a mini bic lighter (its blue and not sure why i didn't get it into the picture) and a ferro rod with striker (Mora Bushcrafter with ferro rod is an EDC item and have a backup ferro rod in my EDC PSK). That said I'm still thinking about adding a permanent ferro rod to the kit as a fourth backup.
 The above picture is the top exterior of my Pocket Fire Kit, I did place a hole in the top of the container for aiding in char cloth (when it stops smoking you have great char cloth) and have about 5' of tape around the container which can act as fire extender. I also always seem to use red for fire kits and pocket stoves, green for Pocket Survival Kits and Blue for Pocket First Aid Kits.
 As you can see this has been used quite a bit for making char cloth and has held up quite well to several fires (at least 30).
Pictured above are the contents of my fire kit (minus the aforementioned  9v battery and ferro rod). I have two homemade FirePad fire started (square cotton soaked in flammable mixture, soaked in wax), four wax cotton balls, four light my fire fire starters, one alcohol prep pad for fire starting and extension, 1 piece of cotton for making char cloth, one piece of wire pad for starting a fire with a 12v battery and a mini Bic lighter (not sure why I didn't get it into the picture). 
The above video is an older video (from batch 1 and 2) of FirePad fire starters that I made. The one on the right was not rung out before dipped in wax the one on the left was. I have refined the process a great deal since then and now let them evaporate fuel off for 36 hours before dipping in wax and have much better results (video to come).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your feedback!

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