Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Second After (Book Review)

Once Second After 
Author: William R. Forstchn
ISBN: 978-0-7653-2725-3
Price: <$15.00 USD
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If you are on the fence about weather or not preparing for a major incident is worthwhile this book will open your eyes in many ways to the horrors of what would happen if there truly was a long-term disruption in our society. The setting for this book is rural North Carolina, something that relates to the vast majority of the US population. The story follows a widower, his children, and the town and how they cope with a grid down scenario due to an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). 

Lessons learned:
  1. If your life depends on a drug or medical device you are dead in a long-term grid down scenario
  2. Food and other supplies will be gone within 24-48 hours
  3. People get desperate and come after what you have
  4. Primitive skills are at a premium in today's society
  5. If you don't own it don't count on having it going forward
  6. If your survival knowledge is just on your electronic device and not in your head or print you are SOL
  7. Interstate commerce is a blessing and a curse
  8. Only the healthy and strong will survive 
  9. Medical skills will be at a premium 
  10. When push comes to shove 1st responders, doctors, etc. will not be available when it comes to a choice between you and their family
  11. You will have to defend yourself, family and everything you own
  12. A group of like minded survivors greatly increases your likelihood of survival 
  13. If you recognize a collapse is imminent, get all the supplies you can while they last
  14. Abandoned tractor trailers are a good source of supplies
  15. FEMA isn't coming and the government is not your savior 
  16. Military training is helpful
  17. Good people do bad things when their back is to a wall
  18. Use cash and credit early before its not worth anything
  19. Alcohol, tobacco, food, ammo, supplies are going to be currency
  20. If you don't have training get it, when things fall apart is not the right time to learn. 
Overall I would highly recommend this book to anyone. The book conveys what is in my mind the worst case scenario to prepare for, and if you are prepared to survive an EMP then you are more than likely able to survive any scenario thrown at you.


  1. Awesome book!
    I bought more and gave to all friends and family for Christmas 2 years ago...

  2. Point #1 should be that you should plan much further ahead if you have a long term medical condition. They could have had more than a 1 month insulin supply since you can purchase it over the counter without a prescription. They also would need a small DC refrigerator.