Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gorilla Tape Tinder Bundle

Gorilla Tape Tinder Bundle:
The other day I was talking with Yankee Survival about Gorilla Tape Tinder bundles and their effectiveness and thought I would do a quick post on their use. Just a few quick tips: 1) if you have someone with longer finger nails enlist them to rip the gorilla tape for you or use a leatherman; 2) make a bunch of little fine fibers and set them to the side; 3) don't quit after a few minutes it may take 15 minutes to get it going but it will eventually go via ferro rod; and 4) its time consuming just ripping those fine fibers took me close to half an hour. So here is a video of the striking (had to pause the video 1/2 way through as my battery was about dead) it took about 15 minutes or so to get the tinder bundle to take (if you add more of the small bits it will take faster) and then burnt for about two minutes. Remember you can then add more tape to the pile once it is burning as it will readily take once you have flame.

Now for the process of making a Gorilla Tape Tinder Bundle:
1) Begin stripping off pieces of the gorilla tape as small as you can and keep all of the tiny specks in a separate pile
2) Loosely place your tinder bundle together and place all of the small pieces on the top in a small pile

3) Begin striking with your ferro rod aiming the material tword the center of the tinder bundle
4) Once you catch a spark in the small material near the top of the tinder bundle begin to slowly blow on the material until you have flame
5) Fire will start very slow at first but will soon consume the entire tinder bundle so have your smalls and other fire materials ready to go.
 6) Nearly at full combustion
 7) Roughly two minutes later your tinder bundle will be consumed and hopefully you have a roaring fire going by this time.

This is one of my lesser preferred fire making methods but if all you have is a knife and your ferro rod with gorilla tape handle it will work but it take a ton of work to perfect this method and its easy to get frustrated while trying.

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