Saturday, August 9, 2014

Outdoor Cooking: Bear Creek- "Darn Good" Chilli

Bear Creek: Darn Good Chilli
So I had an urge for chilli the other day and this Bear Creek packet has been burning a hole in my bush pot for about a month or so. General observations about the chili before we get into how to make it. 1) Chilli is a little too sweet for my tastes, 2) The price is right at $4.88, 3) The need to carry tomato paste and other additives puts a damper on using this food on a long hike 4) this is a two person meal at the best, not four plus like the gumbo, 5) Preparation time is short compared to regular chilli, and 6) If you like any kind of spice to your chilli I hope you carry an MRE condiment packet with Tabasco Sauce in it.
 1) This just add water chilli can be found at Kroger, Wal-Mart and Shop N Save (at least in this area) and is generally priced at just under $5.00.
2) Instructions are fairly simple just add the required amount of water and tomato paste then allow to cook (I cut back on water as I prefer a thicker chilli)

3) Place your water over the flame to boil (remember cook over coals and boil over flame)
4) Once you have a roaring boil add your chilli mix
 5) Add tomato paste to the boil and stir thoroughly
 6) Allow the mixture to cook slowly until you reach your desired thickness
7) Add any extras to the mixture that you may desire (I highly recommend onion and some kind of hot sauce to balance out the sweetness of the mix) 
8) Add a little dutch oven Corn Bread (LINK HERE) to the chilli to thicken it up and give the chilli a little flavor pop. Everything tastes better with warm corn bread!

So with all of that said, I recommend this meal for a non-mobile camp but not for someone on the move. Also if you are a chilli traditionalist or someone who takes pride in their hot chilli this isn't the meal for you. If you are a traditionalist and can't part with chilli in the woods BYOB of hot sauce :)

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