Monday, August 11, 2014

Gorilla Tape Container

Gorilla Tape Container:
As I'm about to embark on a new series in which I put my Micro 10 C's kit (See it HERE) to the test in a several day "survival challenge" I thought I would get a few of the posts out of the way early on concerning gorilla tape and its uses since it is obviously once of the 10'Cs in my kit and will thus be used to make life much easier. For those who don't have at least 20'-30' wrapped around a business card in their pack, please go pick some up this stuff is quite amazing. So Far I have been able to build a fire (LINK), cordage, chair, shelter, clothing, shoes and now a container out of this stuff. For those who say there is nothing Gorilla tape can't do, I'm starting to become a believer that it's uses are only limited by ones creativity. 

So if you are stuck over-night or longer out in the woods and just so happen to EDC some duct tape on your person in your wallet like I do, here is a quick way to make a container. Please note that the larger the container the easier it will be to stone boil your water in. I may try to do a complete water filter and boil setup using duct tape if there is enough interest. 
1) Start with the size of the base you wish to make. In this case I chose a medium soup can size so I made my base large enough to come up at least 1" from the bottom of the cup.
2) Place a cylindrical object (log, ball, fist, etc.) onto the base layer to ensure it is large enough to make your desired size container. You want the base layer to come up at least 1" above the bottom
3) Wrap two layers of the Gorilla Tape with sticky side out over-lapping each layer by 1/4" and then fold up the base layer onto the sticky side.
4) Continue to wrap with the sticky side out until you get to the top of your container

 5) Then wrap the outside with the sticky side down with once again an overlap of a at least 1/4"

6) Pull your mold out of the Gorilla Tape container (warning if you wrap it too tight you may have to crush the can or split the log to get it out of the new container).
7) Fill with your beverage of choice and enjoy!

So be expecting a few more post concerning the use and review of my pocket 10 C's kit (See it HERE) over the next few weeks leading up to the eventual ultimate test of a few days in the woods with just this kit and my EDC pocket stuff.

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