Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Outdoor Cooking: Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffins

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 Outdoor Cooking: Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffins
This instantly became one of my favorite breakfast options for camp, you cant beat hot bread for breakfast in the woods. Add a little oatmeal to the meal and you have an amazing breakfast ready to warm you up for a long day on the trail. Everything about this line of just add water muffin mixes from Betty Crocker is great, they are fast baking, easy to make, moist and delicious. To make this as a bread loaf you will need the following: 1) baking pan, 2) large soup can, 3) lid for can, 4) muffin mix, 5) water, 6) mixing bowl, and 7) spoon.
1) For a meager $1.00 or the occasional two for $1.00 sale this mixture can make it into your bushpot and a stump/table near you for a hearty trail breakfast.
 2) Pretty easy instructions, 1/2 cup water, cook for roughly 20 minutes and eat
 3) Grease the bottom of your bread pan
4) Pour in your mixture
5) Pour in your 1/2 Cup of water and mix well
6) Slide in your baking pan into your soup can ensuring that there is air surface around the pan to allow even cooking and then place the lid on your soup can. For more details on this baking setup view the post "Baking Over A Camp Fire" (LINK).
7) Carefully place the your hobo style camp oven onto the coals trying to ensure the batter doesn't spill.
 8) Remove from coals when your bread reaches a light golden brown and it should moist throughout
9) Cut out the bread around the edge of the pan and place a slice of your bread onto your plate.

This stuff was amazing and I highly recommend this package to anyone looking for a hot breakfast option while backpacking or camping. If you add oatmeal as a side dish this is breakfast it would easily make a great breakfast for two people.

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