Friday, June 27, 2014

Cheap Bomb Proof Bush Pot

Cheap Bomb Proof Bush Pot:
Best used with a Tripod (Build Instructions HERE)
Best Used with a Pot Hanger (Build Instructions HERE)

Family dollar has a new series of Stainless Steel Pots ranging from 8 quarts to 24 quarts. While these are a bit large for one or two people they work well for a small group or to boil water for a group (for food, beverages and even the illusive hot shower). I have boiled water, cooked multiple meals and just plain abused this pot (I left it on the fire basically 3 days straight and it is still going strong). While this isn't a substitute for a Pathfinder Bush Pot (I believe it to be one of the best on the market) for a 1-2 person outing but it is a good beginner pot that will last a long time and only requires one small modification to make it serviceable.

1) Family Chef is a new pot brand carried by family dollar and a the 8 quart pot pictured run a whopping $8.00 USD.

2) Interior of the pot, pretty straight forward.
3) Standard pot lid, if there is any issue with this pot it is the lid. It doesn't hold tightly to the pot (i.e. you cant turn it upside down when empty and expect the lid to stay on. But you can fill the pot up, flip the lid over and throw a bungey cord between the handles to keep everything in place.

4) My only modification to this bush pot is the addition of a folding bail. This is a simple fix with an old 5 gallon bucket handle and a pair of heavy duty pliers (be sure to using opposing corners so the bail doesn't slide on you).
5) Bush Pot in action!

As always I look forward to your comments and suggestions.... what bush pot serves you best?

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  1. Great common man's bush pot, brother! Good job on the mods and using your possum mentality.