Saturday, June 28, 2014

Large Fire Kit

Large Fire Kit
My main fire kit (kept on the exterior of my EDC pack) is housed in a survival resources survival tin/frying pan (medium size). Over the years I have been adding and taking away items and I believe there are a few items that may leave soon (9v battery has yet to be used and I don't carry any electronics that use that style battery) so look for a video of its fair well fire coming to a YouTube channel near you! OK lets jump in and see what all I keep in this mess kit turned fire kit.

1) Here is the basic Survival Resources Mess tin/Frying pan (medium) that I chose as the platform for my fire kit and wait for it....... a frying pan :)
2) The kit once open reveals the lid filled with cotton to reduce rattle along with the other contents which will be described in further detail below. 

3) Top left to bottom right:  Survival Resources Mess Tin, camp cloth (100% cotton old t-shirt that is used for a rag or char cloth if needed), tulip poplar inner bark- sufficient amount compressed for a birds nest, Mini Bic, regular Bic, 10x solar Lens (See more about solar ignition fires HERE), Pocket Fire Kit (Compare to Gen 1 fire kit HERE), Jungle matches, 6" ferro rod, soft magnesium bar, 50' of twine that makes a great birds nest or is great for lashing a tripod (usually about 25' of bank line in there but it was recently used on a bow drill setup), Bottle of medical grade alcohol for Ezbit Stove (More HERE), 12v battery, Flint and steel kit, Military gel fire starter, Steel wool which more often than not ends up cleaning up the bush pot  (more info HERE) or my mess kit (more info HERE) along with the cotton rag.
4) Flint and steel kit- I recently upgraded from a standard "C" striker to the Trayer Fire Tool (More HERE) and love its multi-functional design.
5) Flint and steel kit contents- Trayer fire tool (More HERE), charred lamp wick, enough char cloth to start 50+ fires (Find out how to make it HERE).***Note flint is MIA as my last piece broke two days ago- the hunt for flint is currently on!
 6) Pocket Fire Kit Generation 2 (See old Pocket Fire Kit HERE)- I recently revamped my pocket fire kits and this is what I came up with. I did leave the lighter out as one is in my pocket carry and I have two in my main fire kit- more than enough for someone who have never smoked a day in their life.
7) Pocket Fire Kit Contents (See old Pocket Fire Kit HERE)- Two alcohol swabs, small piece of cotton, two Dragon Ball Fire Starters (See More HERE), Three pieces of fat wood, One bag of fat wood shavings, small amount of twine for bird nest, one bag of magnesium shavings, one bag of wet tender, two Fire Pad Fire Starters (See More HERE), One micro ferro rod. 

Well there it is! Please feel free to ask questions tell me your thoughts, etc.


  1. secure the bic lighter fuel lever to avoid accidental discharge. try a piece of duct tape.

  2. Looks like a nice kit. Your quest for fire should always be successful. No life boat matches? Just kidding.