Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trayer Fire Tool

Trayer Fire Tool:
Buy it HERE, for roughly $35.00 USD shipped
My wife picked up the Trayer Fire Tool for me yesterday and I can honestly say it has been worth the wait! Over the last year or so I have been looking for a flint and steel striker that was multipurpose to justify its continued existence in my main fire kit. I found a few (ESEE and Dave Canterbury has an arrowhead shaped tool coming out soon) multipurpose tools however each tool lacked the capabilities of the Trayer tool and also seemed to lack the robust nature of a hand forged tool (Yes they hand forge each Trayer Fire Tool in Idaho). While this is just an introduction to the tool (as a substantial review will be forthcoming) I can say that Tammy Trayer is wonderful to deal with (Quote from my wife "She is so nice!") and they produce a great multipurpose product, I will let you know a little more after I put the product through a torture test over the next few weeks.

 1) As you can see this tool is very compact and fits inside my char cloth tin when loaded with both charred material and also material to char for the next fire.
2) Just a quick view from above which you can see the the top contains aggressive single cut rasp with the divot of the bow drill bearing block sticking up in the center.
3) The bottom of the tool is a double cut file which also serves as a bearing block for a bow drill fire (be sure to lubricate when using it as such, as it will prevent it from heating up and burning your hand). 
4) One side of the fire tool serves as an aggressive file edge with a striker on one end and a flat head screw driver on the other.
5) The opposite side is the flint and steel striker which with initial tests seems to work quite well
6) The sharpened edge can be used as a knife/cutting tool, hide scraper on used in conjunction with the divot as a spokes shave.
7) Last but not least we have a flat head screwdriver on the corner opposite of the cutting edge.

This tool is truly multifunctional and in a very compact package. While a little more expensive that a traditional flint and steel kit this tool is able to be used for so many more functions and can also prolong your primary cutting edge life by using this too for most fire preparation functions. As always feel free to comment or share your experiences in the comment section and I hope to have a full torture test review as soon as possible.


  1. A video of it working would be great.

    1. Its coming, like I said on the page I just got it last night.