Thursday, June 5, 2014

Solar Ignition Fire

Solar Ignition Fire
You can find the Magnification lens used for this post HERE

I added a 10x magnification lens to my fire kit from Amazon a month or so ago and decided today was as good as any to give it a shot. So i gathered a tinder bundle of dead grass and tulip poplar inner bark added a little char cloth and 5 seconds later had ignition (after waiting a few minutes for cloud cover to pass as we had scattered showers today). So from woods to cooking hotdogs it took a total of 15 minutes, not too shabby for a primitive fire and collection of resources around the fire site. Also I've been trying out various configurations of upside down fires so be on the lookout for a post concerning upside down and self-feeding fires in the near future. Also look for a post this weekend on making char cloth.

1) Wood prep and setup. Smalls on the left, medium on the right, wrist below tinder bundle and large as the base of the upside down fire.
 2) Tulip poplar/ Dead grass tender bundle with a small piece of char cloth in the center
 3) And we are waiting on the sun to come out from the rain clouds.....
 4) With in a second of getting sun I have smoke
 5) Another angle thanks to the burst feature of android
6) Tinder bundle ignition 
 7) Smalls ignition
 8) Medium ignition
9) Full ignition of the fire. I must say it took off quite nice for mostly wet wood. Made for a quick lunch of hot dogs!

Any Questions feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you!

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