Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekly Field Trip: Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, NV)

Weekly Field Trip: Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, NV)
This week we will take our weekly field trip to one of the many places of natural beauty surrounding Sin City. For all of those who would like to see the natural wonders of the west coast and the area surrounding NV I highly recommend using Las Vegas as your base camp for all of those travels (Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, LA, Death Valley, San Fransisco, Napa Valley, San Fransisco, Redwood Forest, Salt Flats, Four Corners, Phoenix, etc. are all within a days drive of Las Vegas). The area has plenty of activities, cheapest flights on the west coast, very reasonable hotel rooms and unlimited food choices.... oh and its Las Vegas.

BACK TO NATURE..... So Red Rock Canyon was a short 30 minute drive from the Vegas Strip and will be the first stop of the next several field trips that were taken from a base camp in Vegas. 

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  1. find any Mojave green rattlesnakes in the Mojave Desert ?