Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Backpack Survival Fishing Kit

Backpack Survival Fishing Kit:
So for those who like to fish and spend a large amount of time in rural areas near fishable water I believe a pocket fishing kit or backpack based fishing kit is an essential portion of your kit. Given that I spent a good bit of my time fishing growing up and have recently got the fishing bug back I went a little heavy on the kit for my bushcraft kit; however, anytime I find a stream, river or lake I can easily fish for almost any type of fish and be successful in any weather conditions. 

Here are a few pictures of the kit, let me know what you think!
 Picture 1: Ultralight tackle box, pen rod and ultralight spinning reel
 Picture 2: Crank bait side of the ultralight tackle box
 Picture 3: Ultralight crank baits- Rebel crawdad x2, Flatfish x2, grasshopper x2, hula popper x3, rebel chartreuse popper, rebel silver and blue popper, trout magnet chartreuse shad, black/blue/yellow jitterbug, chartreuse rattle deep diver, rebel deep diver minnow, Rebel mini minnow, and tan/green minnow.
Picture 4: Jig/soft bait side of the ultralight tackle box
Picture 5: Ultralight soft baits- two spinner baits, two minnow spinners, five trout magnet jigs, ten curly tail jigs, ten beetle spinners, three feathery jigs, minnow jig, fly jig, six rainbow power-bait nuggets, two spinners, leader line, swivels, twenty J hooks, treble hook, two bobbers and twelve sinkers.
Picture 6: Ultralight pen rod with spinning reel attached
Picture 7: Medium-Heavy action rod with spinning reel
Picture 8: Medium-Heavy action rod with spinning reel (6' in length)
Picture 9: Resting spot for the ultralight kit (reel is below the tackle box)
Picture 10: Medium-Heavy action pole along with ultralight pen ultralight rod and reel.
 Picture 11: As you can see the fishing kit will pit fish in the frying pan!

So there it is, feel free to comment, make suggestions or share ideas from your kit. Also keep in mind that this kit is in addition to the fishing supplies in my pocket 10 C's kit (Found Here).

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  1. The Pen Rod is "THE" answer to a backpacking rod I have needed for a long time. Getting one a.s.a.p. Thanks! :)