Saturday, May 24, 2014

One Stick Fire Challenge

One Stick Challenge:
So it seems to be the thing to do these days to participate in the one stick challenge so this is in response to all of those challenges out there and also in response to the comment on Dual Survival a few weeks ago where Cody said "you can't burn just one stick". I picked a fairly wet (been raining the last few days in north central WV) and green tree and cut a manageable chunk off using the Bacho Laplander, from that point on the only items i used were a Mora Bushcraft Black and a 6"x1/2" fire steel.

As you can see it is quite possible to have a one stick fire, even with green wet material. This fire did require a greater amount of care and processing than a traditional fire with a tinder bundle but is easily doable with lots of feather sticks and patience. I also thought I would make a little extra char cloth while I had the fire going instead of wasting a perfectly good fire.