Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Modified Primitive Pot Hanger

Modified Primitive Pot Hanger
Be sure to check out the tripod lashing post HERE to use with this Pot Hanger

If you use a bush pot or any style pot for your cooking platform while cooking over a fire, a pot hanger is probably one of the best items you can make to make your cooking experience as smooth as possible. While there are may ways to build a pot hanger I chose the method below as I believe it is the most adjustable and effective for my applications. While the traditional pot hanger will hang the pot directly from a notch I utilize the notch for hooking the hanging rope via a slip not which eliminates the need to touch a potentially hot bail.
I have included pictures of the way I may my pot hangers and also an info-graphic on how to make a traditional pot holder. First you must find and select a "V" style

1) Cut a 90 degree cut into the log 1/2" to 1" from the top of the log opposite the "V" portion of the log.

2) Cut a roughly 60 degree cut 1/2 inch from the initial cut about 1/2" deep until you meet the original cut
3) A view of what you should be left with once your two cuts are complete

4) A view of the notches which create your adjustable height of your pot. I actually added another notch to this pot holder recently at the base of the "V" for one more level of adjustment.

5) A view of the pot hanger in action in its lower most setting

6) A  view of the pot hanger in its upper most setting
7) An info-graphic showing the traditional makeup setup for a pot holder, it is essentially the opposite of the one I described and is utilized more in the fashion described as above but I have seen it utilized in this manner on a tripod. 

I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions for modifications.

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