Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Plastic Bottle Water Filter

DIY Plastic Bottle Water Filter:
A few weeks ago we explored how to build a tripod water filter (Link HERE) and with the recent water issues in Ohio looming over the preparedness world (much like the issues that faced Charleston, WV in y backyard a few months ago) I thought it would be good to explore another filtration medium. Please note that exerts are advising that you should not boil any water with the contaminants still in the water as it intensifies (concentrates the contaminants as the water boils off) the the contaminants. There is a new study on the great lake contaminant which states that charcoal based filters can remove up to 99% of the contaminants (SEE EPA Website and look for activated carbon- LINK) but it lacks empirical data to be analyzed. If I had no other choice to drink this water I would most likely set up a triple filter system setup as follows: 1) dirty filter would be your first level of filter, 2) Once your water goes through the first stage I would then take that water to a new filter and let it process, 3) Repeat step #2 in a third filter and that will be about the best you are going to get the water with a DIY filter. ***Please remember there is no proven data on carbon based filtration but this seems to method recommended by several agencies, so please don't filter water you know can kill you unless you absolutely have to in order to survive.***

Here is a quick video of the filter in operation before we get into how to build the filter: 

Now onto how to build the actual filter:

1) Select the plastic bottle of your choice (Larger is better as it will allow you to filter a greater water capacity)
2) Cut a 1"-2" section off the bottom. I start the cut with a knife and finish trauma shears to get as even of a cut as you possibly can.
3) Save the bottom portion of the bottle to act as you cup to pour dirty water into your filter or to catch your clean water if needed.
4) Poke one large hole into the bottom or several small holes to allow faster flows
5) Get a piece of 100% cotton that is roughly the size of a bandanna and stuff in the bottom of the bottle in a compact nature.
6) Obtain come charcoal from your previous nights fire
7) Place the charcoal into a bandanna and pulverize it into a dust and then place it on top of the cotton in the filter
8) Obtain and place a layer of sand on top of the charcoal
9) Obtain and place a layer of leafy green material on top of the sand
10) Place a layer of small rocks on top of the leafy greens to keep them in place
11) Obtain water from your best possible source to filter
12) Pour your water into the top of the filter and avoid spilling the water into your clean container
13) You should see "clean" water begin to drip into your clean container
14) Take your clean water and either re-filter in another filter if know contaminants or boil to purify.

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  1. Link to study involving the contaminant currently holding the great lakes water supply hostage around Toledo, OH.

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