Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Survival Resources 4x Fresnel Magnifier Testing

Survival Resources 4x Fresnel Magnifier Testing:

I found a little Tulip Poplar earlier today and wanted to further test my Micro 10 C's Kit so I grabbed my Survival Resources 4X Fresnel Magnifier and proceeded to light the fire you see in the video below!

 Process of Using Making a Fresnel Magnifier Fire:

1) Everyone should grab a couple of these Fresnel Magnifiers for their Pocket Survival Kit and their EDC (a wallet is a great place to keep these if you don't keep it in your back pocket). I keep mine in my Pocket 10 C's kit and it fits perfectly in an Altoids Tin lid!
2) Grab your tinder source Tulip Poplar was my tinder of choice as I found some just outside my house earlier today. I added a small piece of char cloth to ensure combustion simply because of the cloud cover we are experiencing today. With my 10x magnification glass I wouldn't need to take this additional step, but with a lower power magnifier I decided to hedge my bets with a little char cloth.
3) Speaking of cloud cover, it has either been raining or we have had major cloud cover the last seems like month and without some direct sunlight this fire method simply wont work. Keep that in mind if this is your only means of lighting a fire. Two is one, one is none (carry a ferro rod and a lighter also don't bet your life on the sun alone).
4) Get your magnifier dialed in. What you are looking for is a small pinky nail or smaller focused beam on your most processed tinder or char cloth. Keep it there until ignition of the tinder or charred material.

5) Once you get a glowing ember in your char cloth all you have to do is blow your ember to flame. infuse the ember with oxygen and wait for it to heat the tinder bundle to ignition.
6) Once your tinder bundle ignites flip it over so it can burn up through the material and then place it into your fire area.
7) Once your tinder is ignited simply start placing smalls on the tinder bundle and you will have a decent fire assuming you did sufficient fire prep prior (divided your fire materials into piles) If you need more information on fire prep check out my post on how to build fire in wet conditions (LINK).


The Survival Resources 4x magnifier does its job as advertized. I was easily able to make a fire within a minute of getting a weak sun beam from behind the clouds. The only downfalls I see to this product are the fact that you really need to protect it (if you keep it in your wallet in a back pocket it be ruined) and also it obviously only works when you have some direct sun. I do however, believe that the positives of this little fire starting device highly outweigh the negatives. First off this fire starter only cots a mere $1 on Survival Resources website, it obviously is a very effective means of lighting a fire and it fits perfectly in a Pocket Survival Kit. So what are my recommendations? Go get one, practice with it and then put it in your PSK for any emergency requiring fire in the daylight.

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