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Traditional Flint/Steel Fire Starting Method

Traditional Flint/Steel Fire Starting Method

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I have always been a huge fan of flint and steel and also magnification as fire starting methods whenever available as they are essentially renewable in nature and help to save the "sure" fire type options in your kit. The key to a flint and steel fire is a good piece of high carbon steel and the more carbon in the steel the better this method will work. With the high carbon steel in-hand you can then search out rocks which will throw sparks (the key is that the rock is harder than the steel as you are removing material from the steel), basically what you are looking for is flint or chert. So without further delay here is a quick video demonstrating how to use flint/steel to light a fire.

Flint/Steel Fire Starting In Pictures:
1) Gather your materials: What you will need- A) High Carbon Metal (some of my go to strikers are pictured above in the Mora bushcraft black, large "C" striker and the Trayer Fire Tool REVIEW LINK); B) Piece of flint/ chert or other rock which will throw a shower of sparks from your high carbon steel;  C) Char cloth (How to Make It- LINK HERE) and a Tinder Bundle of some sort.
 2) Grip your steel striker securely and prepare to strike it into your char cloth. Find a sharp edge on the flint/chert and use that edge to strike the long flat side of your steel.
3) Once your shower your char cloth with sparks you should begin to see several embers form in your char cloth. Take said char cloth out of its container and prepare it for placement into a tinder bundle.
 4) Blow into your ember/tinder bundle until you see flame.

5) Flip your tinder bundle over (so flame is down) and allow it to consume the entire tinder bundle as it brings whatever smalls sticks you placed into the fire up to ignition temperature.  

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This primitive fire starting method is quite effective and honestly addictive once you get the hang of it. I like to alternate between flint/steel and magnification as my primitive fire starting methods and hope each of you will try this fire starting method as I know you will also fall in love with making fire from nearly nothing. This fire starting skill is also critical for anyone who carries a high carbon survival knife as if you are able to do this method you can have fire anywhere you go regardless of what part of your kit you may have lost or forgot.
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