Monday, September 1, 2014

Dryer Lint Tinder Bundle Fire

Dryer Lint Tinder Bundle Fire:
So last night I found my self in need of doing two tasks: 1) fix a pair of sandals and 2) do laundry. So while doing laundry I noticed there was a decent amount of lint in the dryer so I decided to put the lint to use to help fix the sandals (by making a little pine glue). I was a little apprehensive of this tinder bundle as I have never made one of just straight dryer lint (I have used lint in conjunction with petroleum jelly and also added blue jean scrapings to marginal tinder bundles to increase combustibility) as I was a little short on "Smalls;" however this process worked out great and I highly recommend this method as a way to get rid of your dryer lint. On a side note..... the level of combustibility of dryer lint should make you keep that dryer clean, you dont want this to happen in your house!
Video Overview of the Process Start to Finish-

Step-By-Step Overview of the Fire Starting Process:
 1) Lint taken from the dryer and folded in half
2) Fluff up the tinder bundle and place it in your fire area with your small, medium and larger sticks at the ready in piles
3) Strike your ferro rod driving sparks into the tinder bundle
4) Place smalls onto the tinder bundle being sure not to suffocate the fire (if it dies down blow on it until it flames back up)
 5) Once your "smalls" begin to catch fire place on medium sized sticks
 6) Once your medium sized sticks catch fire and your flame is roughly 2' tall begin to add wrist size sticks and you will soon have a sustainable fire you can walk away from to gather more wood or tend to other camp issues.

While this isn't the most practical method to start a fire on a regular basis, it sure is a lot more fun than simply throwing away all of that dryer lint!

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  1. Dryer lint should not be relied upon:

    1. I can somewhat agree with that. If I have to bet my life on something for a wet weather fire it has been the use of one if my fire pads (there are a few articles and videos on here). You can leave it in a water puddle for a week, pick it up break it open and you are ready to have instant flame for atleast 7 minutes. I tried the petroleum jelly and cotton on here and just find it a little to messy to carry. My fire kit stays pretty sinple a few fire pad starters, char cloth some poplar inner bark, ferro rod, bic lighter, 10x magnification lense and a trayer fire tool