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Season 5 Episode 12: Survival Takeaways

Season 5 Episode 12: Survival Takeaways
Last night was a little bit of a slow episode, its pretty sad when the central theme of the entire episode is the fact Rick shaved off his face armor.
PTSD and the issues presented with reintegration into society: While this wouldn't be an issue for a short-term survival situation for most, being part of a grid-down war like zone would most likely cause some psychological issue for some. Learn More about PTSD (HERE). While I haven't been to war I have seen things most haven't in over a decade of emergency response with agencies as small as a very rural department to a metropolitan fire department to a state emergency response team (US&R and Hazardous Materials). I have a little different coping mechanism than most (traditionally most people talk about the trauma, relive it etc.) as I have the ability to simply forget about the event for the most part. While this may not work for everyone and can actually cause worse problems over time (or atleast my with the PhD in Physcology like to tell me) there are many ways aside from prescription drugs to deal with PTSD. Many find yoga, outdoor activities, shooting, crafting, etc. to be good sources to relieve some of the symptoms of PTSD. As far as reintegrating into society I have been told by many friends who have been deployed multiple times alcohol (no so sure about this one), friends and a regular schedule all help with the process.

Don't Ever Give Up Your Fixed Blade Knife! You know I couldn't make a post without mentioning the immense need for an excellent fixed blade knife. Guns I could deal with at this point in the show as honestly it is almost entirely unrealistic to expect to have ammo for most weapons (especially that 44 magnum). If you are relying on a firearm at this point it would more than likely be a 22 lr or a 12 ga used as a muzzle loader or with chamber adapters (See my Survival Shotgun Here- LINK). Like I have said before get training using that fixed blade knife as a weapon for both defense and offense and also learn hand-to-hand fighting techniques (I highly recommend the Krav Maga system). Now I have to say if they made me turn in my fixed blade knifes that would be a deal breaker... no matter how many walls you have you are never without a need for a good knife, but more on that in a few! 

Speaking of that "Amazing" wall they have- In my opinion the wall is good for animals and zombies but not so great for living insurgents. If you want a wall that is the best all around defensive system look no further than a medieval castle. Those castles withstood weeks to months long sieges by simply out waiting and slowly picking off the attacking army. The key to the medieval castle wall was the it was vertical and had a moat around it not allowing for an easy direct attack of the wall itself other than with a distance weapon. As demonstrated by two kids  were able to scale the wall and "escape" that wall is an easy way to enter the community and with a perimeter that large its a problem waiting to happen. Now a little razor wire, sentries, LPOP's, razor wire for the length of the wall, some trip wire related traps, and the like the wall could be made much more effective in rapid succession. So what does this mean in terms of survival- just because your shelter looks safe it doesn't mean it always is. A cave can be home to a wild animal or can partially collapse on you once you heat it with fire; shelters near moving water can flash flood; holes can be homes to animals or snakes; and all shelters can be open to being taken over by two-legged predators.

Vetting New Members Into A Survival Group:Rick asks three questions, the Congresswoman simply conducts a video interview. I would personally take this a step further by doing at least the following: 1) Conduct a skills test (I would only take in those who could contribute to the group in a way that was needed); 2) Conduct a knowledge test; 3) A makeshift psychological assessment to see how someone reacts in a situation and 4) Situational questions.

Don't get soft, let your skills erode or fitness erode: We are all a little guilty of this one. How many of you have been out primitive camping during the latest -20 below weather? Heck I have only been out one time this past month. So how do you take yourself outside of the immediate threat and not lose your edge? Technically you are at a point right now (at least those of you who live in a 1st world country currently) where you are outside of the immediate threat. Unless you are at a point where you are surviving on a daily basis you are not malnourished, living from day to day, relying on survival skills and just focusing on staying alive everyday.  For those of you who read the blog who live in a war zone you need not read this portion of the post for the most part. As yourself this.... Do I have the skills to grab a pack and go off-grid right now and live indefinitely? I honestly don't know the answer to that question. Wild game has been decreasing in my area and in winter it is extremely to acquire a balanced diet of wild edibles. So what skills can you work on to keep moving yourself closer to being ready for a post grid-down environment?

Do What It Takes To Survive: Not much to say here... can you do what it takes to survive no matter what it may be? Are you willing to take a life to save your family? Are you willing to eat anything edible? Are you willing to push your skills to their breaking point? What would you not be willing to do to survive?
Never Give Up Your Face Armor.....Never! As a fellow bearded misfit I hate to
see the beard go. Like they say the beard became part of the of the mans armor and to give it up gives up protection from the elements, protection from bugs, etc. Just say no to the razor!

A Few Survival Knives I Also Love:


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  1. ***Edit*** Watch your six when hiding a cache, if someone is watching it won't be there when you get back. If you have ever seen the Legend of Mick Dodge you will know that losing a cache can cost you big in a survival situation.