Friday, January 9, 2015

EDC Pocket Dump

EDC Pocket Dump
I have referenced my Every Day Carry (EDC) on multiple occasions and finally realized that I have neglected to make a post as to what makes up that everyday carry. I essentially have four varieties of EDC (Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer, Work and Woods). I will start with my winter/fall kit and work my way through the others.

My clothing consists of the following mainstays: Tru-Spec 24-7 Men's Classic Pants, Teflon, PolyCotton RipStop (LINK) are my main pants (shorts version for winter) and I use a Blackhawk CQB/Rigger's Belt (LINK) to keep those pants up, the shirt will always vary but for the most part but if I have pants on I almost always will be wearing my Matterhorn Mens 10 Inch Waterproof All Leather Field Boots (LINK) with the power-toe. 

Winter EDC:
1) My winter EDC basically just changes out the pistol, fixed blade knife and flashlight while all other materials remain the same for each season. The kit includes the following: ROW 1: A) BHK Short Trail neck knife with ferro rod. B) Asp Tungsten USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight (LINK), C) Tarus Millennium Pro 45acp With Viridian Compact Tactical Light (LINK) and spare magazine. ROW 2: D) BHK PLSK1 (1/2" x 6" ferro rod not pictured with additional cordage and ranger beads); E) 100% Cotton Bandana (LINK); ROW 3: F) Keys with Grenade Survival Kit (LINK) and handcuff key; G) Pocket Fire Kit (LINK); H) Pocket 10 C's Kit (LINK), I) Pen; ROW 3: J) Wallet, K)Credit Card Knife(LINK) from wallet, L) Kershaw assisted folder.  NOT PICTURED: M) Wedding Ring; N) Survival Bracelet (LINK), O) Survival Watch.
  Spring/Summer EDC:
2) My spring/summer edc is much the same as my Winter/fall EDC where the changes once again are pistol, flashlight and fixed blade knife. The kit includes the following contents ROW 1: A) BHK Short Trail neck knife with ferro rod. B) 5.11 flashlight C) Jimenez JA 380 ACP (before you ask why I decided on this gun it is the only 380 pocket pistol I have come across that will fire reliably any type of ammo without fail. Row 2 D) BHK PLSK2 with dangler; E) Mora Bushcraft Black Survival Edition; F) 100% Cotton Bandana (LINK); ROW 3: G) Keys with Grenade Survival Kit (LINK) and handcuff key; H) Pocket Fire Kit (LINK); I) Pocket 10 C's Kit (LINK), J) Pen; ROW 3: K) Wallet, L) Credit Card Knife(LINK) from wallet, M) Kershaw assisted folder.  NOT PICTURED: N) Wedding Ring; O) Survival Bracelet (LINK), P) Survival Watch.

Work Supplement to EDC:

3) When working I add a few items to my EDC to make my life at work a little easier. Additions for Work are as follows: A) Gloves; B) Stethoscope; C) Medical Tape; D) N-95 mask; E) Sharpie; F) Pen w/ flashlight. Not pictured hand sanitizer.
Woods Supplement to EDC:
4) When going into woods my EDC only has two additions from my Fall/Winter Carry: A) Bahco Laplander (LINK) ; B) Large leather belt pouch for an expanded fire kit, map, tinder, etc.; and C) The occasional change out of 45ACP for 44 Mag revolver depending on my location.

The core of my EDC for the most part does not change regardless of my clothing; however, my weapon, light and fixed blade knife seem to be changed out with the change in the weather. Regardless of the carry you will always see a version of the 10 C's, a fixed blade knife, fire kit, flashlight, concealed carry weapon, ferro rods, and some other odds and ends. With just this EDC on person carry I effect survival if needed in the eastern woodlands without a major issue. The key for EDC is to find not only what works best for you but also what you will constantly carry regardless of your clothing.

Have something outdoor/bushcraft/trapping/preparedness/hiking/camping/fishing/hunting related you want me to make a post about? Leave me a comment and I will see what I can do!
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  1. Do you have something you keep this all in? Or does it just go in your pockets?

  2. Check out the bdu style pants they have a pocket for everything. I have a separate edc bak with a more robust carry in it.

  3. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.