Friday, March 28, 2014

Survival Watch and Bracelet Project Part 1

Survival Watch and Bracelet Project Part 1
I recently found myself with multiple broken watches in a short time period and a need for a change in color and function of my current survival bracelet. As of now the only wearable survival item I have is my paracord bracelet and it is just that 12' of 550 cord and a standard plastic buckle. So I took to the internet in search of serviceable ideas that I would actually be willing to wear on a daily basis. I came across several different items I likes but I didn't find a single bracelet that I thought fit my needs. So I began to look at DIY components and came up with everything below.

The components of the DIY kit are as follows: 50' of 550 cord, enhanced glow compass, glow sticker for compass (can be charged with natural or other light source), small clam-shell container (debating on a fishing kit, water tablets, or something else, four First-Aid tender (cotton soaked in triple antibiotic), four ranger bands, one reflective mirror for inside the clam-shell container, 2 mini ferro rods (will likely go in another micros kit- i.e. the micro 10 C's kit), solar powered/ water proof watch/compass/altimeter/stopwatch, survival buckle (includes a very loud whistle and small ferro rod with striker- already started a fire with it today :)) and finally a E&E buckle with removable handcuff key. 

Here are a few close ups of the components: 

Here are my current plans:
1) Watch: compass with E&E buckle
2) Survival Bracelet with everything else with fishing kit in the small container

Now time for your suggestions/help: 1) What else should I add, 2) Know of any good videos for tying these things, 3) anyone have experience weaving fishing line or snare wire into the bracelet, 4) any good ways to add a razor blade or container to this kit?, 5) any general tips or suggestions?

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