Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Banyan Rapid Deployment Kit (EQUIPMENT REVIEW)

Banyan Rapid Deployment Kit (Equipment Review)
Purpose: Active Shooter Response Platform
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Price: $120.00
While this kit and its contents may have a very limited target market, the bag and contents should have a very wide appeal to the general populace. This kit contains the makings of a decent active shooter kit for EMS or Police and also makes a decent platform for 1 day survival kit or a range bag. While I have used the bag as an EDC bag, Active Shooter Bag, and a range bag I feel it excels at the later two more so than the former as for an active shooter response kit I want something that will integrate into a load bearing harness (LBH) such as a drop leg kit or multiple IFAKs. supplemented by a backpack kit if im the dedicated medical provider. As a survival kit I utilized the magazine compartments to hold a 10 c's kit, FA Kit, fire kit and firepad stove and utilized the main compartment of the bag for other components of the 10 C's while still having room for my CCW. As a range bag this platform simply excels and has become my go to range bag. The bag will hold 17 pmags, 2 large caliber magazines and 6 smaller caliber magazines along with a CCW.
Now for the Meat and Potatoes of the kit:
The Bag- as pictured below you can see that it does have a quick disconnect system on one side of the strap, if it had this option on both sides and could evolve into a belt pack or a leg system then it would be the perfect setup. The bag is modular in design and adaptable to fit multiple purposes.

Kit Contents- The contents that come with this kit are generally high quality and well worth the addition to any kit. The chest seal, quick clot, Israeli bandage and tourniquet and second to none in quality. The unique door wedge is an answer that firefighters everywhere have been looking for while conducting a building search, the wedge can be used to keep a door open by placing it on the hinge or under the door making it a versatile tool. I would add additional gauze, tourniquets, airways and other medical supplies if I were making this a dedicated active shooter kit.

Overall: I would highly recommend this kit as a whole, while you may decide to re-purpose this kit the contents and the kit are all solid and you should get a ton of use out of it.

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