Monday, March 31, 2014

Natural Fire Starting Element Collection

Natural Fire Starting Element Collection:
I have been guilty of relying on my homemade FirePad and Waxball fire starters so this year I have decided to make several trips to process materials for fire stating. In just about two hours I collected and processed a full bag of fat wood and a full bag of bird nest material (mostly made up tulip poplar shavings- couldn’t find any good birch trees today).

A few pointers from the trip:
1)      A pine that has been dead for a few years provides great fat wood, if you find one that is slightly off the ground it seems to have a better likelihood of providing good fatwood

2)      A Bacho Laplander paired with a Mora Bushcraft Black makes easy work of processing all of your fire starting needs.

3)      Tulip Poplar (tallest tree in the eastern woodlands- identified by a lack of branches low on the tree and you will see black spots where the branches used to be) limbs shaved with the back of a knife works great for bird nest material

4)      After processing the tulip poplar and the fatwood the material needed dried before storage to ensure it was 100% ready for immediate fire starting so I laid out all of the materials out in-front of a small electric heater to help take the moisture out…. Remember wet tinder without an accelerant can lead to a cold wet night.

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