Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Outdoor Cooking: Idahoan Hash Browns

Outdoor Cooking: Idahoan Hash Browns
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As a few of you have been asking where did the outdoor cooking series go? Well I was on a break as I had way to much other content that I wanted to get out there and it took a bit of a back seat. That said I picked up a new product the Idahoan Hash Browns during a promotion (buy two get a free carton of eggs) at a local Save-A-Lot and after trying them knew I had to revive the series today for a glowing recommendation! I use the Waffle House Hash Browns as my bench mark for a great hash brown and for the first time I have to say something beat them out. These just add water hash browns are not only good but without a doubt some of the best I have tasted (no I don't get anything for saying that).
3) Where can I buy them? That's a great question as I have only seen them at Save-A-Lot and the price point appears to be $1.00 just like their just add water mashed potatoes line that is carried in most grocery stores. Hopefully this product will be picked up by more retailers in the very near future.
2) Nutrition Facts and directions as always. I was surprised that it only called for one cup of boiling water which is a change from the normal 2 cups+ that all of the other just add water recopies call for. Don't skimp on the water like I normally advise 1 cup is plenty.
3) Yes I know it looks like there is nothing there but I was breaking in the new Pathfinder Bushpot and its a little big for what I was making. Stir the potatoes into the water and then cover and allow them to sit for 5 minutes away from heat.

4) Post five minutes of standing time add any seasonings you desire (I added pepper) then you can eat them as they are OR do as I did and throw a little olive oil onto the bottom of the container and fry the potatoes a little for increased taste (well worth the extra few seconds). 
5) You know I had to use those eggs right? So a brief break in the action while I put the Trangia Mess Tin (LINK) to work as a frying pan

6) At roughly the same time breakfast is served and easily enough for two people or one hungry person who hasn't ate for over 12 hours.


You can't go wrong adding a few of these to your bushpot or food storage as #1 they taste amazing and #2 you can't beat that price with a stick! So for $2.00 I was able to have breakfast for two days and still have eggs left over, not a bad weekend if I say so myself. I do highly recommend you add a little pepper and then fry the hasbrowns for a minute or two in olive oil for extra taste. They are fine plain, but If you want Waffle House quality you have to take that extra step.

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