Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Outdoor Cooking: Teays Valley Corn Bread

Outdoor Cooking: Teays Valley Corn Bread:

Since my Bear Creek "Darn Good" Chilli and Baking over a Camp Fire posts (links in above list), I have been looking for some kind of cornbread that tastes somewhat like homemade and not like cardboard that can be made in the woods via baking or frying in a cast iron skillet. After months of looking in every grocery store I entered in the Just Add Water section I finally found Taeys Valley Corn Bread. Granted this is a just add milk product but that is easy enough to make from a packet as well. The huge plus to this product is I get to support a West Virginia Business (my home state) so that will always make something taste a little better!
1) What to look for in the store! It comes in a box and in Kroger stores it is on the opposite shelf of the just add water baking items. Then walk to the other end of the aisle and grab a carnation milk package (one package will allow you to make this entire package and one other just add milk item. You will also need a mixing bowl (pathfinder cup is too small just fyi) and a baking or frying vessel (everything tastes better in Cast Iron). Just a logistical note: I plan to mix the dry mix with the milk mix and divide it into two plastic bags going forward as that will allow me to prepare it easily in the woods and just add water fashion.
2) Directions are quite simple, just add milk, mix, pour into hot cast iron skillet and cook until golden brown (just the way they need to be for cooking in the woods!).
3) Contents of the Teays Valley Cornbread Package added to the mixing bowl
4) Post addition of powdered milk (reconstituted) and whisked with a fork.
5) Mixed contents are added to a preheated cast iron skillet (believe this is an old #8 skillet).
6) Thirty minutes later I have a nice golden brown pie shaped piece of cornbread ready to go!
7) Slices stayed intact to be served and it has a light fluffy texture and you have to love the golden brown color that is so much more inviting that the white color that other mixes yield.
8) And taste testing reviled: This is some of the best corn bread I have ever tasted! It will be a welcomed addition to my pack going forward and I can't wait to split a package and get out in the woods and try out in my little DIY convention oven (link).


Teays Valley Corn Bread is the MECCA of cornbread when it comes to backwoods cooking. I have tried almost every mix known to man and this is bar none the best of the bunch! While its would be a little difficult to prepare the amount in the box as is given my EDC cook kit, if I split the package and divide up the powdered milk package in a correct fashion this should become an easily prepared just add water meal in the near future, coming to a camp fire near you! 

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