Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pathfinder Bottle Review (Equipment Review)

Pathfinder Generation 2 Bottle Review:
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Cost ~$39 with bottle, stove and cup
The Video Below is an update to this post from well over a year ago. I think it is important to show how the gear was holding up over a two year period and how well it still functions.

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I have been using the generation two pathfinder bottle for about six months now and I can without a doubt say the bottle itself is like a tank, nothing can stop it short of explosives. I have only had one issue with it and it was my fault, over night I left the bottle full on the ground and it froze solid causing the lid to bust and the bottom to bulge out about 2" leaving me with a well rounded bottle. So what does any American do when they see this (keeping in mind the only tools I keep in my pack are duct tape, WD40, wrench, leatherman and knife) I turn the bottle over and pound the bulge out with a wrench (see the finished product below).
So once the bottle was damaged I set out to do another torture test of the bottle for a few days before I bet my life on it again. I began with a standard boil test were I simply boiled water in the bottle on a stove for 2 hours non-stop as pictured below.
Once I ensured there were no leaks or issues I moved on to a cold water test and left the bottle in a refrigerator over night to ensure there were no leaks and it continued to keep water quasi cool. After the bottle passes this test it was onto trial by fire.

The bottle passed with flying colors as per the normal and held up to over 2 hours in the fire pictured above. Once it came out of the fire it looked like it always does and a couple minutes of elbow grease I was able to have it looking just like new (before and after pictured below).
This bottle has stood through multiple tests and always come out on-top of every challenge. The only change I would suggest would be to add a Klean Kanteen lid with metal D ring attachment point in place of the current lid as it is a more streamline lid and seems to be a little tougher. Overall I wouldn't think twice about betting my life on this container and it has come in handy on several impromptu over night stays in the wilderness. Recently it boiled water for 12 hours to keep a group of 5 warm with warm water to drink and warm water bottle to sleep with. The package above is is a great deal, you currently get a generation 3 pathfinder bottle, bottle stove, gen 3 pathfinder cup (big improvement on last cup) and a  lid all for under $50.00 with only $3 flat rate shipping, get it before they sell out again! 

So Let update a few of these pictures to go along with that video, I carry this bottle daily so it literally have been across the country several times. 

 If you have any reservations about getting this piece of kit, push them to the side, as it is bomb-proof gear!

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