Saturday, April 19, 2014

Whitewater Survival Kit

This Whitewater Survival kit has evolved over my years on the river and as of this whitewater season the kit looks as pictured below:
I have been using this bag for nearly five years and plan to purchase a second dry bag (large Pathfinder dry bag) or spare supplies for the rest of the individuals on the boat (you are only as strong as your weakest link). The kit includes the items pictured below: 1) two contractors garbage bags, 2) two clear garbage bags, 3) SOL Escape Bivi, 4) Grabber reflective tarp, 5) inflatable pillow, 6) pathfinder bottle/cup/lid, 7) bag of food (peanut butter, peperoni rolls, cliff bars, etc.), 8) two cotton bandannas, 9) Pocket 10 C's Kit Link, 10) Pocket Fire Kit Link, 11) Bottle of Pain Reliever, 12) Pocket First Aid Kit, 13) TP, 14) Compass/whistle/7x magnification lens, 15) LED headlamp, 16) gorilla tape, 17) 22lr pistol with HP and shot ammo, 18) Mora Bushcraft Black with ferro rod, 19) Bacho Laplander, 20) 50' paracord, 21) two bieners, 22) six paracord prussicks.
This kit is supplemented by an on person carry of a 100' throw bag, 75' belt throw bag with 4 bieners, 8 descender, 2 pulleys and 20' flat webbing along with all wearable personal protective equipment (wetsuit, helmet, knife, whistle, strobe light, boots, PFD, water bottle, etc.). As you can see the smaller dry bag fits perfectly in the guide position in the rear of the boat (thus why I have taken so long to buy a larger bag).
 The following picture is of the 1st rapid in the Cheat River Canyon on a recent trip.
Overall this kit has been with me for multiple day/weekend trips and impromptu overnight stays along the river for spring-fall seasons up and down the east coast, wherever, Class V whitewater can be found!

On a recent trip I spent a 16 hour period by the river after a wipeout on a Class V rapid right around dark with a group of 5. We were able to keep hydrated with the Pathfinder bottle set, keep warm with a fire and (took a total of 4 minutes to get the fire going to help prevent group members from suffering from hypothermia and we were able to keep it going for the duration of the time by the river) additionally water boiled and placed in plastic bottles helped keep people warm throughout the night. Bedding for the night consisted of a mixture of inflatable raft beds or pfds made into a very comfortable sleeping pad.

Once again Prior Proper Planning Prevented Piss Poor Performance!

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