Monday, August 25, 2014

Rotating/Adjustable Pot Hanger

Rotating/Adjustable Pot Hanger:
I have been exploring ideas for a new trapping shelter I'm planning on building soon and came across a few videos on Youtube of a Pot Holder Crane, Rotating Pot Holder or whatever you choose to call it and decided it would test it to see if I could incorporate it into my shelter design. The most helpful of the videos was by far the one recently posted by Dave Canterbury in which he details how to actually make the entire setup. I believe that this system coupled with a live standing smaller tree would make a great substitute for a tripod but not for a quick setup. If you are planning on staying at a camp for more than a day or two I would without a doubt include this setup into your shelter if you have the materials available as it make live much easier and provides an easy and effective platform which you can cook from.
The above video is a good overview of how the pot holder works and demonstrates how easy it is to swing the pot off the fire which I simply cant show with still pictures. 
1) To get started you will need 2-3 basic sticks with their bark still on (the bark helps to keep tension and with the help of gravity holds the system in place under weight). You need one stick with a "Y" in it and another with two "Y" in it and a long straight portion below those "Y" areas.
2) Attach your two "Y" sticks together using a long coil lashing so that the top "Y" points the bottom pointed at your ground stake and the bottom "Y" is pointing to the fire (this is the area on which you will hang your bush pot).

3) Trim your "Y" off to fit the desired tree where you will mount the system.
3) Now prepare your grounding rod (if you cant find a tree that is sufficient) by squaring off the top of the stick to allow you to pound the stick in the ground without ruining the stick.
4) Sharpen the bottom of the stick in order to allow you to pound the stick into the ground.
5) Pound the stick into the ground as deep as you are able so that it has as little flex as possible (flex is not your friend!).
6) Attach the pot hanger to determine fit like above to ensure it will stay in place simply place downward pressure on the end of the pot holder. If you have slipping or the pot holder rotates on its own ensure it is straight/secure in the ground if this is the case check your lashing for tightness and if that is not the issue try to use a more aggressive bark (smooth barks have only marginal success).
7) Cut in sufficient grooves to ensure you are able to move your pot into a proper position.
8) Slowly place your full pot onto the pot holder and slowly allow it to take the weight to ensure it will hold its place.

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