Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stone Boil Water in a Larger Container Using Tandem Stones

Stone Boil Water in a Larger Container Using Tandem Stones:
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After the last post on stone boiling (LINK HERE) I was asked by a few people if this would work for larger amounts of water and the answer is probably no (unless you get the right sized rock super heated). A single stone will only bring so much water to a boil. You can however do tandem boiling or utilize multiple stones and keep cycling them between the fire and the water to get the same end result. This could be done in a duct tape container (LINK on how to build one), a Birch bark container (look for a post on this in the near future), a dry bag, water proof hat, paper bag or anything else you can think of that will hold water! Also remember this is for a survival type situation and not for daily use as there are potential toxins released into the water. I have not found any good studies to determine what all is released by today's plastics but everything I have read is they are carcinogens which have long-term effects when consumed on a regular basis. But once again I haven't found a study or found someone who will test the water for me so save this as an idea for a survival situation only and don't go consuming the water if you don't absolutely have to.
1) Here we have a 3 gallon container full of less than desirable water (Be sure to filter water before you boil it, here are two methods: 1) Tripod Water Filter-LINK, 2) Water Bottle Filter- LINK) at the ready to boil but I want to ensure that the container is available for future use so I don't want to risk placing it in the fire.
2) Stone 1 enters the water and brings the water temperature up to a near boil, Rapidly followed by stone 2 which brings the water to its boiling point.
3) Remember hard granite stones for use nothing like sand stone or shale which will explode in a fire. Also remember you can wrap your rocks in large green leaves before placing in the coals to prevent ash from getting into your water.
4) A quick video showing the water reach its boiling point. I didn't have time to get a roaring boil due to the thunderstorms moving into the area but make no mistake the water was at its boiling temperature (you can see the bubbles but cant feel the pain of dumping this out to get to the rocks).

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  1. doesnt the plastic melt?

    1. Not at all. The outside of the plastic is barley warm to the touch. If you boil in a plastic water bottle it will thin the plastic a little bit but also wont met it so long as it not touched by flame and is full of water.