Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bushcraft USA: Basic Bushclass Reflection

Last year I completed the Bushcraft USA Basic and Intermediate Bushclass Certifications and thought I would reflect on some of the things I undertook to achieve those certifications focusing on the Basic class in this post and the Intermediate in a later post. I also have a majority of the Advanced Course materials complete so hopefully a full review on that course as well. Overall I believe the correspondence style course is great for learning outdoor skills as it allows you to practice your skills in your own time and at your own pace, if you want to complete a class in a week or in a year its your choice. I did feel there were a few things I would have added to the class in the early stages to get a better grasp of the materials for someone who is just starting out in the woods (i.e. proper gear selection, safety briefings, reading weather, assigning books to read, etc.). I was able to learn a few things about my skills and gear along the way and that feedback given by mother nature is better than any certificate. The required outings are the best part of the class in my opinion and I believe they should all be over night trips like in the intermediate and advanced class as you learn the most when you know you are out there all night and don't just have the advantage of going home. The feedback provided is essentially you need to re-try this evolution or maybe a few questions so feedback is minimal but the instructional videos by I.A. Woodsman are top notch so little feedback should be needed.

Requirements for Certification

1) Feather Sticks and Shavings: I completed this portion while reviewing the Habilis Bush Tool (More Information Here: LINK)

2) Use Five Man-Made Tinders: I have used well more than five man-made tinders over the life of the blog but here are a few articles on this subject- Lighting A Fire With Magnesium (LINK); Cotton & Petroleum Jelly (LINK); Dryer Lint (LINK); Gorilla Tape Tinder Bundle (LINK); Dragon Ball Fire Starter (LINK); And FirePad Stove (LINK);

3) Twig Fire: See More in my article named Building A Sustainable Fire In Wet Conditions (LINK)
4) Four Basic Bushcraft Knots: I began sharing this series with Whipping and Braiding Rope (LINK)
5) Improvise a Cooking Implement From Metal: I made a few items in category but only shared these few- Micro 10 C's Improvised Aluminum Container (LINK); Simple Alcohol Stove Construction (LINK)

6) Knife Sharpening: Easiest DIY Knife Sharpening Method (LINK)
7) Two Strand Twist With Man-Made Materials: I began sharing this series with Whipping and Braiding Rope (LINK)
8) Braiding Man-Made Materials: I began sharing this series with Whipping and Braiding Rope (LINK)
9) Setup A Tarp Shelter: My DIY Diamond Tarp Shelter (LINK)
10) Make A Simple Snare: Several posts on this forthcoming
11) Tree ID and Uses: My post Seven Eastern Woodland Trees Essential to Survival (More Information Here: LINK) was essentially what I submitted for this requirement.
12) Cook Bannock With Fire: My article on baking over a camp fire covers this requirement (More Information Here: LINK)
13) Five Outings: I generally do an overnight trip every week (Sunday into Monday) so this wasn't a hard thing to do but here are a few of the trips I have completed- Diamond Tarp Shelter Overnight (LINK); Night in Debris Shelter (LINK); Night Out With A Space Blanket (LINK); Whitewater Overnight (LINK);

Elective Requirement Selections:
1) Make a Pocket Survival Kit (PSK) This post was covered by my Micro 10's Kit (More Information Here- LINK)
2) Whipping Rope and Tool Handles (See My Rope Skills Post for More Information: LINK)
4) Make a First Aid Kit (FAK): Learn More about my IFAK (LINK)
5) Make & Use A Fishing Kit: See my Backpack Fishing Kit Here (LINK); A List of A Few Of My Most Successful Baits (LINK)
6) Improvise A Chair: See more on My Hammock Chair (LINK) and DIY Bushcraft Chair (LINK)

7) Night Out With A Wool Blanket: Learn How I setup my Diamond Tarp Configuration in Less Than 5 Minutes (LINK)
8) Fire With Magnification: Watch me light a fire using the Survival Resources Fresnel Magnifier (See More Here- LINK) and also A Solar Ignition Fire with a 10x Magnifier from my Large Fire Kit (See More Here- LINK)
9) Flint & Steel Fire with Char Cloth (See More Info Here- LINK)
If you are serious about reconnecting with nature, advancing your bushcraft skills and generally becoming a more self-reliant individual then I highly recommend this course. I believe this course is excellent for those who wish to follow a path of self discover and self discovery. If anyone would be interested in taking the class you first need to join the Bushcraft USA Forum and then look for the BushClass series of post to begin. If you should have any questions feel free to ask them here or on the Buscraft USA forum someone will get back to you either way! Good luck with your path to self discovery and learning new woodcraft skills!

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  1. Very good. I have done some but I had not uploaded it on the forum. Very little time and I had overlooked it. Time to shake my ennui. Again, congratulations! Good to know you.

    ~The Trailhawk