Sunday, January 25, 2015

University of Pittsburgh: Free Disaster Preparedness Course

University of Pittsburgh: Free Disaster Preparedness Course (Well Almost Free)
For those of you who may be interested the University of Pittsburgh will be holding it's annual Disaster Preparedness Course beginning tomorrow (January 26th) and best of all the class is 100% free..... Unless you want a certificate then it is $50.00. While it pains me to say this being a West Virginia University Alumni I plan to take a class through the University of Pittsburgh :(. This course is advertizement states it will teach the student how to survive when everything we normally take for granted is gone, when the structures we depend on have failed.

Course Objectives
  1. Discuss the elements of disaster preparation and response.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking in awareness, preparation and application of disaster response and management on a personal, local and national level.
  3. Utilize critical thinking and psychomotor skills in the assessment of potential disaster and mass casualty situations.
  4. Analyze the implementation of evidence-based, holistic, cost effective planning for disaster and mass casualty situations.
  5. Analyze ethical dilemmas encountered in the specialty setting and the methods by which advanced practice nurses assist the patient, family and other health care providers with resolution.
Projected Course Content:
  • The Disaster Cycle and its evolution
  • Personal preparedness
    • Communication
    • Security
    • Supplies and other stuff
    • Shelter, Food and Water
    • Comfort
  • Preparedness on the level of institutions and governments
  • Ethical considerations including Justice and the distribution of resources, Utilitarianism, and person responsibility
  • Factors which limit mitigation such as personal freedom and financial considerations
  • Examples and realities from disaster response such as Memorial Hospital after Hurricane Katrina and personal experiences from the faculty
  • Attitude and Awareness
Course Format
This practical course will consist of readings, lecture videos, and PowerPoint presentations. There will be non-graded practice quizzes and interactive discussions. Students will assess the personal risks in their region and prepare an extensive personal preparedness plan. Additional topics include the disaster cycle, personal safety, attitudes and awareness, medical considerations, and international support services.

So if the course appeals to you, then you can find more information HERE (LINK). You can also register using that same link. So remember to audit the class it is free and to get a certificate it is $50.00.

I will save my thoughts about the University Of Pittsburgh for another day (Let's Go Mountaineers!) but overall this course seems like a decent idea on paper. While you can get much of the same information through FEMA EMI along with free certifications, I will still give this class a shot and atleast see if the information is in a decent format and worthwhile. More information is always helpful and who know I may learn something new. Taken this class in the past or plan to starting this coming week? Tell me about your experiences I would love to hear them!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like an interesting course.