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Weekly Survival Challenge: Cook A Meal Over a Camp Fire

This is one of my favorite things to do in the woods! There is something food cooked over an open camp fire that just makes everything taste better (flame licked and smoke infused would be the thing) and on top of that eating your meal in the woods seems to make it taste better as well. I don't know if its the fact that you had to work a little harder for that meal, the setting, the ambiance of a camp fire or just that the food really does taste that much better. Even a simple fish stew and wild edibles seems to taste decent. So what is the challenge? Simply put, make a full meal over a camp fire and have it all finish as close to the same time as possible. If you want to make this a little more challenging hunt/fish/trap/forage (just be sure to follow local laws) for your meal and prepare it. Below I run you through a few of my favorite meal options for the woods that I have done articles or video on (for some reason I forget to take pictures and video when cooking a good bit). Feel free to make whatever you want to eat, but please make sure it has meat (or meat substitute if you don't eat meat), starch, vegetables and bread or a dessert (last two choices can be finished before or after meal if you so desire). Below are a few things to get you thinking about your menu and how you would like to prepare your meal.

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Hunters Stew:
This is without a doubt the easiest means by which to fulfill all the ingredient requirements aside from beef stew and in my opinion one of the best meals you can make in the woods. The ingredient list is simple: 1/2lb of meat (your choice but 70/30 beef seems to work best for me as the grease makes everything taste a little better), 2-3 potatoes diced, 1/3 bag of baby carrots or 2-3 diced carrots, 1/4 onion diced or pick up about a dozen wild onions. Some people add a little butter but when in the woods I usually just add a little olive oil to the bottom of the aluminum foil. Season to taste pepper, McCormicks grill mates and a little hot sauce seem to work great for me! Here is the full article where I walk you through the process step-by-step (LINK).

Wild Edible Stew and Fish:
This meal was prepared while on an outing with just a survival bracelet, belt knife, shot gun and a turkey call (spring gobbler season) so I didn't bring anything with me to eat but was still able to meat the requirements. If you plan to do the same thing then also feel free to skip the starch and dessert. You could make a little pine bark bacon as your starch but I had that early the next morning and you can only eat so much bark and pretend its bacon! See the entire article HERE: LINK.

Beans, Hotdogs, Kielbasi/Crout and Smores:
This is my normal fourth of July camp out meal and man does it taste amazing over a fire. The flame kissed crout and kielbasi in a skillet after they are done cooking are out of this world! This picture shows my old grate setup I used to carry in my pack, it was essentially an old grill grate and allowed me to cook a ton of food all at once when suspended from a tripod.

Trout and Low Country Broil:
This stuff is for those who are going glamping or at least glamping your first night. A seafood boil is one of my favorite meals and unfortunately living in WV the only native ingredient I can ever look for is Craw fish (See my article on preparing crawfish HERE). This meal included the two trout that were caught earlier that day as well as all of the perishables that we brought in specifically for that nights big dinner with the people who could only stay that night and part of the next day. If you would like to learn how to make a Low Country broil check out my instructions here (LINK)... this meal also meets all of your requirements for a meal in the woods and is a great meal to prepare when having a group of friends over!

Varmint on A Stick:
Squirrel and rabbit season are fast approaching here in WV and one of my favorite things to make is critter on a stick! Boil a red squirrel for a little while and take the meat that falls off for gravy with a little corn starch and flower for breakfast or flame roast it like pictured below for dinner. Add vegetables and a starch to this and the meal will meet the requirements, or if you are going for an all natural woods to plate meal add a little cattail, onion, dandelion, pine bark, plantain, berries, or whatever is edible in your area and make up a full meal.

HOBO Bread:
If you are like me bread (more specifically muffins or bannock) is a staple of your breakfast in the woods. My cook set has included that internal can for years now in my bottle bag and one night I found that it made the perfect convection oven for my Trangia frying pan (Here are instruction on how to bake bread with this method- LINK). When I made that revelation my breakfast outlook changed completely! Just add water muffin mixes are the perfect fit for this container and make a hearty breakfast for two or a good late night snack for a group on a cold winter camp.

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 This week's challenge is on the easier side, but is one of my favorite skills to practice while out in the woods. Meal planning for a long trip, stretching food to last longer than it should, preserving food, hunting/fishing/trapping/gathering food, correct preparation are all long-term self reliance skills that everyone can easily learn by practicing. Weather you are here as a camper, outdoors enthusiast, backpacker, emergency responder, bushcrafter, woodcrafter, prepper, etc. one thing is universal, once you make that first meal in the woods you will be hooked! Nothing like taking a deer steak from the source and throwing it over the deer camp fire and sharing hunting stories with friends. While you make have to go on an extremely minimalist camp to make this a challenge I do urge you to enjoy yourself on this challenge, test your cook set and maybe think of an outside the box purpose for one of the items in your it or laying around your house. Make this a fun learning experience (maybe take a child, niece/nephew, boy/girl scouts along and pass on the skills) and I guarantee that you will not be able to wait for your next outing!

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