Sunday, August 9, 2015

Secondary Knife Review: Christopher Apodaca Neck Knife

This is the second segment in my series on backup or alternative use knives (See the Series Introduction and Review of my BHK Short Trail- LINK). This knife was designed to be a neck knife; however, with the decorative sheath (love the sheath on this one- absolutely a work of art!) I have found myself wearing this little knife on my hip when at work in business casual wear as it doesn't stand out nearly as much as many other knives. The sheath (top knife and sheath in the picture below) is what caught my eye about this knife, it is without a doubt the best looking sheath I own. The knife came razor sharp with a decorative bead and weave lanyard and that comes in very handy when trying to access the knife as it is needed to get the knife out as it is a very tight fit into the sheath.
 Lets get this started with a breakdown of the knifes specifications:

$75.00 Purchase Price w/ Sheath
Overall Length: 4 inches 
Sharpened edge:2.5 inches
Blade Profile: 1.25 inches
1/8 inch 1095 High Carbon Steel
Scandinavian grind 
Wood scales
So without any further delay here is what I think of the knife and how it performs in the field: 

Need A Neck Knife, Try One Of These

The 90 degree spine on this knife isn't quite as aggressive as the Blind Horse Knives Short Trail and it is a little bulkier so it most likely will never replace my love for that knife, but with that said this is a great backup knife and has processed many fish while camping in the last several months I have been carrying it. It does meet my requirements of easily taking a very sharp edge with a river stone as it gets hair popping sharp post sharpening and stropping on my leather belt. You can have excellent blade control when skinning as my index finger seems to naturally rest almost at the tip when skinning. Overall I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with this Christopher Apodaca neck knife and extremely satisfied with the excellent leather work!
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