Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekly Survival Skills Challenge: Ferro Rod Skills

In this weeks survival skills challenge we will work on our ferro rod skills. As outlined in the video below your challenge this week is to light five tinder materials (natural, man made, mix) with your ferro rod. In the video I chose the following readily available materials to shoot this quick video: 1) dryer lint; 2) Jute Twine; 3) Fire Pad; 4) Green wood shavings; and 5) fatwood scrapings. So you will need a ferro rod, scrapping device and five different types of tinder material. No need to go out in the woods for this right in your yard will do. While it is not required, I do highly recommend that one of your tinder materials be wood shavings as being able to light them will greatly aid in your ability to effect a one stick fire. Remember you want the thinnest shavings possible when using them as a tinder bundle and I find it easiest to place my ferro rod on the shavings and scrape directly onto the material. Be sure to watch the challenge video below for a few tips and tricks just click the play button.
The links below will serve as a starting point if you are looking for some different types of tinder to try. I invite you to be innovative but please stay away from flammable liquids (especially gasoline) as just a little can easily cause an explosion.

Low On Tinder Materials or Ferro Rods? Try These:

Need Additional Help Getting Your Fire Started? Try a few of these methodsDryer Lint Tinder Bundle  (LINK); Gorilla Tape Tinder Bundle (LINK); Rub Cloth (LINK); Dragon Ball Fire Starters (LINK); Char Cloth (LINK); Solar Ignition (LINK); One Stick Fire (LINK); Fire Pad (LINK); DIY Fire Starter: Cotton & Petroleum Jelly Modification  (LINK); Camp Fire vs. Survival Fire vs. Cooking Fire (LINK); Building a Sustainable Fire In Wet Conditions (LINK); Split Match Trick (LINK); Survival Resources 4x Fresnel Magnifier (LINK); Fatwood Fire (LINK); Evolution of My Pocket Fire Kit (LINK); Split Wood Fires: Using Your Knife As A Spokeshave (LINK); Cattail Fluff Used as Flash Tinder (LINK); Wetfire Tinder (LINK); Twig Bundle Fire (LINK);What I like to Use For Tinder Bundle Materials (LINK); Fritos Tinder Bundle (LINK); Splitwood Log Cabin Fire (LINK); Splitwood Tepee Fire Lay (LINK).

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Being able to light a tinder bundle is one of the most essential survival skills for a woodland environment. Being able to light what you carry with you or a pile of scrapings or feather sticks could make the difference between life and death in a winter survival situation and can make an otherwise unbearable night manageable. As I said above be sure to make one of the five tinder materials you light is shavings (and practice it with many different types of wood) and you will be well equipped to make fire in a wilderness environment. Remember this is a starting point to practice with your ferro rod not an ending point. Get to the point where no matter what you're able to obtain fire with your ferro rod in any condition and then your journey is close to being complete. 

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