Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fritos Corn Chips Fire Tinder

I had a bag of corn chips sitting in the car this weekend when I went out to collect a few natural materials to make char so I decided to use the bag of Fritos as my initial fire starter just to see how well it worked as an initial tinder bundle. In the video below I conduct a burn duration test of a single chip and also show how long a single snack size bag of chips will last when making a fire from them. Once the fire was out I used the ember to ignite a tinder bundle of dead grass and tulip poplar inner bark to make my fire for the evening which I would ultimately used to make charred natural materials for flint/steel (Post coming later in the week).

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This video/article started in jest as I thought to myself who would venture out with just a lighter and a bag of corn chips but when I saw the performance of the corn chips I was quasi impressed with the flame intensity and simultaneously worried about the random liquid running out of the chips as they burned. Who I ever use this fire starting medium..... Probably not aside from this past weekend, but it is defiantly a viable fire starting method; however, I prefer more traditional fire starting methods such as flint/steel or magnification.

As you can see in the below picture the fire starter worked quite well and created a significant flame with which you could  build your fire. Bottom line if you can't get a fire with this fire method there is a problem.
Thank you Fritos for you contribution to my camp for memorial day weekend! While I didn't eat any of your snack (a little afraid to after seeing the red liquid pouring out) it did make an excellent fire for the evening.

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This could very well be one of my shortest articles in quite sometime but it was fun to explore the lighter (pun intended) side of fire making. I don't get out and make fires with a lighter very often so whenever I decide to make one I try to make it something a little off the wall. Before anyone asks... yes I got the idea from Les Stroud (a.k.a. Survivor man) from one of his episodes several years back and when I saw the bag of chips in the car I knew I had to give the idea a try. Just as an FYI almost all chips will burn like this and the more grease in  the chip the faster they go up. I hear Doritos work quite well for a longer-term fire and lays burn up in a matter of seconds.

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