Friday, May 15, 2015

Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Bracelet: 3 Day Testing Trip- Part 3/3

This is the third and final installment of my three day testing with the Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Bracelet that took place a few weeks ago. In this article I cover the following: navigation, water purification, using the wire saw as a bow saw, signal whistle effectiveness and my final thoughts about the survival bracelet overall.

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Video Showing The Navigation Capabilities Of The Bracelet:
In the video below I compare the navigation capabilities of the liquid clam-shell compass, button compass, magnetized needle and a calibrated compass on a smart phone. All of the means of determining direction were within a few degrees of each other and were all generally pointing in a N/S direction. Showing that all of these means of navigation were capable of determining a general North/South line of direction.
 Below is a still from the video showing all of the means of determining direction are all within a few degrees of the correct direction (yes this is bad for precise navigation and you should use a much better compass when precise navigation is needed; all of the micro navigation methods will provide a quick N/S line for spot checking a way point). Generally, some type of navigational instrument is better than none.

Water Purification Using Aluminum Foil:
This is 100% the reason why every survival kit big or small should have aluminum foil in it. Without water collection and purification would be extremely difficult without this extremely lightweight accessory. You would have to make a natural container (burnt out or use bamboo if it is in your area)m drink from a source, collect dew from grass or hopefully find a water vine and get water by cutting it. The best way I have found to make these container is to make a fist and make form the aluminum foil around your fist using a double layer rectangle of aluminum foil (preferably heavy-duty foil).
Wire Saw Used As A Bow Saw:
While this is not the most effective means to cut down a tree it is possible to process larger diameter fire wood for shelter construction and fire wood..... BUT you better have a good bit of water and food gathered as this process will wear you out. What takes a Bacho Laplander less than a minute to cut will take close to five minutes with this modified bow saw. The tighter the wire the better this saw will work so do whatever you can to keep the bow saw tensioned and the wire straight.
Whistle as a Signaling Device: 
In the below video I tested the Wazoo Survival Bracelet Whistle in the buckle, RE Factor Key Chain Survival Kit Whistle and a Chinese bracelet whistle off Ebay. The order in the video is Wazoo, RE Factor then Chinese each with 5 blasts with a pause in between. Each were tested in an open field at 25 yards, 50 yards and 100 yards and then a final test ~200 yards into the woods beyond the 100 yard target. The results leaned to the Chinese Bracelet for the whistle at each yardage but the ergonomics of the buckle make it difficult to wear.

Final Thoughts/Conclusions: 
The video captures my final thoughts on the Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Bracelet while in the field for the testing (filmed while waiting on dinner to cook post hunting/fishing on day two of Turkey season). In synopsis I will give each factor of the bracelet a ranking of 1-5 (5 as best score) below: Fishing- 3/5 (needs sinkers, 1/0 hook and about 10' more fishing line, preferably spiderwire); Cordage- 4/5 (I would add a small strand of jute twine to make a tinder bundle  and 5' of trap wire, but thousands of things you can do with para-cord); Fire Starting- 4/5 the buckle/scraper combo are very effective for lighting a fire even with natural cordage and the first aid tinder are very effective; Cutting tool- 2.5/5 Realistically you can't get much better on a wearable survival kit (aside from a neck knife) than a wire saw but if you find something please let me know so I can test it!; Navigation- 2/5 A needle is the bare minimum you would need for navigation to keep a general baring, I would prefer a clam-shell compass (like they have on their next type of bracelet up) for spot checking your bearing on the go; Accessibility- 2.5/5 This is one of the harder bracelets to take apart that I have encountered, but it is one of the most durable and easiest to use; Game Procurement- 3/5 The surgical tubing works well as a sling shot but not as well at blowing an ember to flame (if there would have been snare wire in this kit it would receive a 5/5 in this category); Fit/Form- 5/5 This is one of the better fitting bracelets and more comfortable to wear survival bracelets that I have tested over the years, the only one more comfortable was a basic one with standard clasp and just paracord.
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  1. Well done Sir for your comprehensive review. Myself I own the Adventure bracelet from Wazoo. I have also purchased from them a number of additional separate items for alternative small kits. I would also recommend for value for money, as in being quite a bit less money; the bracelets made by a Mr. Wesley Page I believe, are also excellent. I say this as I also have one of his top of the line models myself okay...

    1. Do you have a link I'm not familiar and would be willing to put it to a similar test.

  2. Sorry mate as quickly I could not find a link. But I think his bracelets go by the name Surpesse Straps or something like that. So if you link the name, and my likely miss spelled name of his goods. It is most likely Google can fix my stuff ups okay....

  3. Oh I have zero complaints regarding my Wazoo product either.
    It is more that I have some spare $, and went for an alternative with essentially the same items plus an army can opener, in a totally different colour combination okay.