Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Outdoor Cooking: Crawfish The Lobster Of The Backwoods Creek!

Just because you are out in the woods doesn't mean you cant eat like a king! While I like a spring/summer salad just as much as the next person (man some days you really want a little Italian dressing) but sometimes you just want a little seafood boil! Crawfish are often found freshwater creeks and ponds and can be easily caught using net systems or "bait traps" I plan to do an article on making one of these bait traps out of old two liter pop bottles in the near future (I use them for minnows and craw fish a good bit, all you have to do is bait them and then set them for the night). This batch of crawfish I was able to get off the banks of a creek where a friend "raises" them so there were literally hundreds of them crawling around,  normally on a West Virginia creek or pond your average haul would be a dozen or less for the night but when added to fish and greens it makes for a great meal.
Need Supplies to Catch & Make Your Own Crawfish? 
Try Some of These Items:

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 So How Do You Cook Crawfish?
Your first step in making Crawfish is to bring your water to a boil.
I usually add 3 table spoons of Old Bay before I bring the water to a complete boil before adding crawfish, seafood, etc.
Allow the crawfish to cook for thirty minutes (on low if you're using a burner or over hot coals and not fire if cooking over a fire). I always seem to use the log cabin fire lay to get my bed of coals (find out how to make it here- LINK).
Once your crawfish finish cooking for 30 minutes dump them out onto an Aluminum foil container or colander. You can punch a few holes into the aluminum foil to allow the water to drain (I try to dump most of it out before pouring it into the foil). I then get some clean water to pour over the crawfish to get the excess powder off the crawfish. 
So now that they are done how and what do you eat? The video above takes care of all of those questions for you, just watch the video and learn how to eat one of the great gifts of nature.

Crawfish are some of the best food you can find in the woods! They work great as bait for large freshwater fish, are great to eat and can be used for trapping purposes after you have got the meat out of the tail. This is yet another reason why Old Bay has a permanent home in my bushpot beside salt, pepper and olive oil as my lone seasonings. You can easily find crawfish early in the morning or right before dark along the banks of most freshwater streams or you can place overnight water based traps for them using a wide variety of nets, wire pot traps or even a two liter bottle trap. If you haven't tried them I highly recommend you get out there, find a few and boil them up for dinner!

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