Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Outdoor Cooking: Martha White Chocolate Chip Muffins

This post was as much about testing the Carnation instant non-fat milk to me as it was the Martha White chocolate chip muffins. I'm not a fan of taking perishables into the woods on a trip (aside from a frozen steak and sides for the first night of a camping trip) so I wanted to experiment with a few new things I picked up in the grocery store and freeze dried items I ordered for meals and these muffins just happened to call for milk so it was time for proof of concept and taste! I have ordered several mountain house items and also plan to dehydrate a few of my own foods to experiment with my meals in the woods to work on decreasing weight. 

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I have never been a fan of instant dairy items as drinks but thought that I could use these for baking and other recipes that call for milk. While I didn't particularly care for the taste of the milk it's self (I'm not a huge milk fan so that isn't a surprise but the Chocolate Chip brownies came out great).
The reverse of both packages with directions, basically the carnations is just add water and the Martha White is just add milk.
The contents of the muffin mix was very consistent the clumps shown in the picture are from where I washed out (since it carries my fire kit) the pan and then greased it.
Post mixing with powdered milk mix. it mixed pretty well with just the fork from my bush pot.
Add the container to your heat source (Learn how to bake over a campfire here- LINK) of choice. When in the woods I tend to use the setup above when making this type of bread for breakfast. It leaves only four points of contact and allows for a very even cooking process, assuming you rotate the entire container 180 degrees halfway through the cooking.
A look at the muffin loaf post baking!
This was one of the most moist pieces of muffin I have had to date using this cooking method. While it is no secret that the Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffins (Review HERE) are my favorite woods breakfast food I have to say that this is a very close second.

Ready To Cook On Your Next Outing?
This is without a doubt one of the better muffins you can take into the woods. If you are a fan of chocolate this may be the perfect breakfast option for you. While you would have to carry a second container (instant milk into the woods) it adds only limited weight. If you are a fan of skim milk (tastes about the same to me) you can also use the instant milk as as a breakfast beverage in addition to a baking additive. While it probably will not bump blueberry muffins or bannock from my bushpot it could have a place within my kit if someone is with me who enjoys chocolate. 

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  1. Very informative. You now have me wanting to buy one of those mess kits. Question for you. Have you ever tried to bake bread in coffee can or in your kit that you use? I was jumping around on Youtube and came across a few videos. I would think that would work in a fire using your set up or maybe in one Stanley cook kits. Ijust may have to try.

    1. No i've never used a coffee can mostly because the large soup can is already part of my nesting kit for the pathfinder bottle kit. I have used aluminum foil and my nesting cup and also my bush pot and a metal bowl I keep in it. A coffee can would work, but you would have to make a lid with aluminium foil most likely.

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