Saturday, June 13, 2015

Knot Instructional Videos Part 1/2

I was getting ready to publish several videos in which I spoke about various knots and realized I had not demonstrated those knots on the blog so I thought I would take care of demonstrating the majority of the knots I use on a regular basis in this two part video series! As I film more knot videos you will find them on my YouTube channel (LINK - HERE) in my knots playlist. I plan to have part two of the series up by mid week next week and then I will dig into several videos concerning shelter setups (I have some future plans for articles on technical rescue evolutions that will also be highly knot dependent).

Need Some Cordage For Your Kit? Try One Of The Links Below:
Part one of the series covers the vast majority of the basic knots I use on a regular basis. Each picture below is a click-able video demonstrating the knot and talking about how use the knot on your various adventures.
Clove Hitch:

Simple Figure 8

Figure 8 On A Bite


One Handed Bowline For Self Rescue

Slip Knot

Canadian Jam Knot

A strong skill set with knots will make your outdoor adventures much easier. The phrase if you can't tie a knot, tie a lot should no longer apply time spent with cordage after reviewing this article and the next one in this series. If there is anything you need clarified or there is a specific knot you would like demonstrated please leave a comment below and I will try to make sure those questions get addressed in part two of this series. 

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