Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekly Survival Challenge: Make/Buy & Test A Micro Kit To Keep on you 24/7

This weeks challenge is simple, make a micro kit to carry with you 24/7 and test that kit's contents to determine their effectiveness. This doesn't have to be an Altoids tin kit, it can be a survival bracelet, key chain, belt, wallet or whatever else you can think of just as long as you can effect short-term survival with your kit. Below if a video of my current Micro 10 C's kit (minus survival blanket and trapping/small game card) to give you a starting point for an altoids kit. I will go over the key chain and bracelet kits below.
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Altoids/Micro 10 C's Kit
This is the kit I referenced in the video above and when all is said and done I can perform nearly any survival task required of me with this very small survival kit. Many if the items were grabbed from other smaller kits, taken from parts of my main kit or purchased with the specific purpose of going into this kit. While many commercial kits could be cheaper than the sum of the parts of this kit I have spent countless days over the last two years getting this kit setup the way I like and the components functioning as I like while being multifunctional. An alternative knife that could be used is the Minimalist by CRK (Click here to buy and for more information). I would like to find a means of getting the survival blanket into the actual tin but that would require the sacrifice of a lot of cordage that I prefer to keep in the kit. Aside from the lack of a blanket in the actual tin I would like to be able to find a true folding metal container that you can boil in aside from aluminum foil.
Survival Bracelet:
The survival bracelet is a little more limited in what it can carry on a daily basis but the Wazoo Mountaineer has just about everything you would need to survive minus a blade (Check out my 3 day  review trip here- LINK). The ReFactor Tactical survival bracelet adds on a p38 can opener to act as a knife and a few other functions that the mountaineer does not contain but does add a good bit of bulk to your wrist. I will be adding a review in the very new future of this survival bracelet. If you go with the DIY option I highly recommend adding a can opener, aluminum foil (in the core), ferro rod and scraper and some kind of tinder material to the bracelet.
Key Chain Kit:
I have had this little key chain kit on my keys for a few years and haven't done much with it, but it is always there if I should require a knife, saw, ferro rod, cordage or tinder. If you make one yourself I highly recommend that you add a little aluminum foil to the kit to give you at least a very small container.

 Want To Buy A Kit Instead Of Making Your Own? Try One Of These:

 The point of this challenge is to get some type of kit and keep it on your person 24/7. While I don't always carry my belt knife and full 10 C's Kit on my person (sometime you can't do that in the legal profession), I do always have a micro survival kit or three. I have done several week long tips with just these kit items over the last couple years and used them to effect my self reliance and the have effectively helped me survive at a functional level spring through fall. In all honesty if you are caught out in -20 degree temperatures with high winds and your are not lucky enough to find a pine grove for shelter your going to be in for a very long night without a larger kit. If you are going into the woods these should not be relied upon solely as your survival kit, they are meant as a last ditch type of kit where you lose your other gear or when you enter a survival situation when not in a woodland environment. So get out there and build then test out your kits to ensure you are prepared no matter what and share pictures or video of your adventure with us!

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  1. In a tiny (about 3.4.1/2), zippered nylon pouch: space blanket, 3 alcohol swabs, 2 hand sanitizer packs, 4 bandages, 2 surgical gloves, 3 feet of thin, braided cord, 6 Katydyn water purifier tabs, a small plastic mirror, a very small piece of 00 steel wool, 5 strike anywhere matches, and a P51 military can opener, with a flat US Coast Guard approved whistle on a key rig attached to the zipper.