Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekly Survival Challenge: Overnight Trip

This week's survival skills challenge is as simple or as difficult as you would like it to be. The premise is to gather whatever survival/self reliance gear you have into a kit, if you have a BOB, GO Bag, Hunting Pack, EDC Bag (See mine HERE- LINK), etc. even better, and take that kit out into the woods for a 24 hour trip. The kit can be as big or small as you would like. If you would like to take the challenge to an extreme you can just take a your EDC (highly recommend you have a survival bracelet and and a fixed blade knife- See my series doing this same challenge HERE- LINK) at a minimum or if you have a micro kit (See My Micro 10 C's Kit Here- LINK) this would be an excellent opportunity to test out how well it will help you in a wilderness environment. The purpose of the challenge is to test not only the gear in your kit to determine its effectiveness and potential issues but also to test out a few skills while you are out to determine where you may need to focus your future practice. Check out the video Below as I go into a little more detail about the challenge and what I hope you get from it.

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Need A Ready Made Kit To Test? Try One Of These:
This challenge is one I take on weekly, as I like to consistently test and retest my gear to determine it's effectiveness for long-term self reliance. I hope you are able to find what the gaps in your supplies may be for summer (we will do one of these at least each season) and what skills you can stand to work on. My favorite spring/summer skills to practice while out are fishing, wild edible collection and as always fire craft so feel free to work on those skills.

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