Tuesday, June 2, 2015

EDC Bag Version 2.0

So my EDC Bag (See the old version here- LINK) got a little stagnant and I started using it less and less so I started making a few changes to lighten the load and make it a little more adaptable to my specific needs for Everyday Carry as well as self-reliance tasks on day trips or a short overnight fishing trip. I used the bottle bag as my platform for the kit and attached the Dark Angel Medical IFAK (Link-HERE) to one side an EDC tool kit to the opposite side. I also have attached a Jeff White Bush Knife and I plan to attach my Bacho Laplander when going into the woods. In the video below go over the full contents and some of the reasons I chose those items for my kit.

The Kit as currently rigged below is carried on my side. The weight is comparable to the satchel type bag I carried for hunting season last year but is a bit more modular and accommodates my IFAK a little easier and is a little smaller. I still have several attachment points I need additional gear but that would be counter productive to the purpose of this kit.
 I affixed the Jeff White Bush Knife from Self Reliance Outfitters to the rear molle strap where it fits quite snugly along with a personal first aid kit (medications, band aids, etc.). The pack fits snugly against the hip with the knife in an easy draw position.

The EDC Tool Kit Bag contains several things which I may eventually remove but they have been there quite awhile so I left them or now. The pepper spray and pen most specifically will be the most likely to go in the near future and the my-cleanse and hand sanitizer might get moved over to the IFAK.

The H20 bottle bag contents have been radically changed. The Pathfinder bottle/cup/stove/lid and tin can are still the same. The front pocket is where the major change is for this kit. It went from more of a long-term cook set to a everyday carry pocket. The pocket contains my headlamp, three sections of rope (one jute and two bankline), Cliff Bar, Large Ferro Rod, Bic Lighter and a few other odds and ends.

Want A Few Of These Items For Your Kit?

So what do you think about the big changes I have made to my EDC kit? This was an effort to parse down the kit a little bit and I'm learning more and more that all of the extra stuff is just noise and you can really get by with a lot less on a regular basis. I believe I will eventually buy a Self-Reliance Outfitters Trail Pro Adventure Bag to use (I think I will be perfect for hunting/trapping season) but this is about the perfect size for summer. What are your thoughts on this kit setup and what changes would you make?

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