Thursday, August 27, 2015

Star Fire Lay

The star fire lay depicted in the video below is mainly used when you are without a tool to process large fire material. I rarely use this fire lay unless on a minimalist camp as I tend to use the long fire (if any fire at all) in the winter. To put this fire lay together you simply need to build a large base of coals with any kind of twig or split wood fire of your choosing. Once you have a roughly 2" pile of hot coals and a decent flame you can begin to add your longer and thicker fire materials that you don't wish to process further. Be sure to have several smalls on hand when using this fire lay if the larger logs are wet which was the case in the video below. So check out the video and watch the entire process in action and I will have a few additional comments about this fire lay below!

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So what does this fire lay excel at? There honestly are very few upsides to this fire lay when you consider the alternatives out there assuming you are making the fire with proper fire making tools (axe, saw and knife). If you were out in the woods and only carrying a knife, it's too dark to utilize your axe safely, or you are simply too tired to further process wood then this fire lay comes into play. I have also used this fire lay when there were several people camping in a square around the same fire and we would each push out logs in as we started to get chilly through the night with the occasional throwing on of some smaller materials to stoke the fire. It worked pretty well on a cold fall night so I would say that would be another scenario to possibly utilize this fire lay. Overall it isn't a particularly effective fire lay as there is often a gap between realizing you're cold and pushing the log further into the fire which would often require a little more stocking with small fire material. 
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